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Lake Country

Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 7:15 AM
Holiday Park Resort
415 Commonwealth Road, Okanagan Room
Kelowna (north end, by Lake Country), BC  V4V 1P4
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Our guest Speaker this morning was Dr. Linda Kaplan, a Veterinarian at Tri Lake Animal Hospital.
Dr. Kaplan grew up in Lake Country and attended George Elliot High School.  Her first practice, started in 1985, was in her parent’s mud room. She started slowly and quietly learned as she went along, while building a small business in Oyama.  In response to the increased demand for veterinary services in Lake Country, she opened a new clinic which has now become the four storey Animal Hospital on Powley Crt., which we are familiar with. 
Tri Lake is one of the only clinics in the Valley treating exotic animals along with other pets and farm animals. Linda told us that they have to ‘hit the books’ a lot to understand the anatomy of some of these exotics.  Just diagnosing is a big challenge as the client is unable to give feedback.  They have a full time, highly skilled surgeon at the practice and a full time Internal Medicine Doctor.  A Dermatologist and Physiotherapist are available part time.  They also have a CT Scan to do imaging and a part time Ophthalmologist.
There is no government support for Veterinary Clinics.  The expensive equipment and procedures required for veterinary services have necessitated corporate take overs of most clinics.  Currently, Tri Lake is owned by the MARS Corporation.
Dr. Kaplan emphasized that they do what they do out of passion and a desire to help and in many cases save the animals brought to them.
Announcements from Executive Meeting
  1. Decision to top up what was earned at Beans and Jeans to $3,000 for OK Centre Hall hardwood floor replacement.  The presentation of the funds will be in April.
  2. We were inspired by the speaker from our last meeting and have decided to follow the corporate sponsor model that was suggested.  A letter           is being drafted.
  3. Wine left over from Beans and Jeans Fundraiser will be offered to club members at cost
  4. Brenda reminded us we can go on line with Club Runner, to Club Documents, to view all Executive Minutes.
Fun Stuff:
  1. Newest member Tanya, from the DOLC, won table stakes.
  2. President Bernard received a gift from Jim Taylor:  Tee shirt from Mexico which says, “I don’t need Google - My wife knows everything”. wink

General club news

The Beans’n’Jeans event Saturday January 27 at the Okanagan Centre Hall was generally a success. Treasurer Ken Guido estimated that we took in about $2500, with very few expenses still to come. Because the event was intended as a fund-raiser to help the Hall replace its 100-year-old floor, the club agreed to round the donation amount up to $3000 from our own funds.


There was some discussion of ticket prices for Ladies’ Movie Night. The movie will be “Nine to Five.” President Bernard is in negotiations with municipal program director Ryan Donn, to figure out the best way to get the most back out of every ticket sold – and if you don’t understand that, neither did I.


There was also some discussion about going to the winery that gives us the most wine for the least money, against being loyal to wineries that have a record of supporting community events in general.


Canadian Blood Services has suggested May 9 for another Blood Donor Clinic in Lake Country. The venue will probably be the Memorial Hall again, as the lack of air conditioning should not be a problem in May. Rotary wants to sponsor the event, again. We will need to promote it in the community, and provide some volunteers. Details to follow.


And Canada Day planning has already begun. July 1 falls on a Sunday this year, which makes the set-up and take-down schedule a lot easier. President-elect Dave Colquhoun is already working on collaboration with other clubs and agencies to provide programming and entertainment from early morning until 3:00 p.m. 

Corporate Sponsorships

The morning’s speaker, Das Kandala, president-elect of the Daybreak Rotary Club in West Kelowna, came to talk with us about his concept of “corporate sponsorships.” Our club already has corporate memberships. Das emphasized that a corporate sponsorship is a form of advertising for the company involved, rather than a commitment to participate in club activities.


His club offers three levels of sponsorship: Gold for $250, Platinum for $500, and Platinum Plus for $750 and up. In return, the sponsor gets a banner that is displayed at all Rotary events, a window sticker, etc.


 Das oozes enthusiasm when he speaks. He says that the trouble with many fundraising programs is that “we just don’t ask people for their support!” Marsel Amedzadegan called out, “We’ll set up sponsorships if you’ll be our first sponsor.” Without blinking an eye, Das responded, “Done!” (Das heads City Furniture, a family owned business in West Kelowna and Merritt.)


 Das also offered other suggestions for Rotary Clubs to raise money – everything from an indoor golf tournament (Danny Sigal looked interested) to an community Indian dinner (several mouths started salivating). 

Next Thursday’s speaker

Barring earthquakes, snowstorms, and other unpredictable events, the speaker this coming Thursday, February 15, will be Linda Kaplan, founder of Tri-Lake Animal Hospital. Linda is expected to talk about the modern veterinary practice – what’s possible now that wasn’t just a few years ago. She invites questions, but don’t bring your pet for free diagnosis.

The president reports
We still haven't heard one way or the other from 9 clubs, about the District Grant that we are taking a lead in negotiating, on behalf of the Lake Country Food Bank’s new role as a central distribution point for food banks up and down the Okanagan Valley.  At least one of the lack of responses can be accounted for by the fact that the Armstrong club is in the process of folding. With the West Kelowna club, that make two gone from the valley.
We have confirmed just over half of the total needed, using only $307.65 from us -- so far. If necessary, we can make use of the grant originally made to SASFY (Summer Arts Scene for Youth) which has also decided to close its doors. We started supporting SASFY about six years ago, but the driving forces behind it (Claudia Cargyl and Jim Gray) decided they had to devote their energies to other matters.
Beans and Jeans:
As of Thursday, we had sold 83 tickets for the Beans ‘n’ Jeans event Saturday night January 27. We will probably reach 90 by the time doors open. We have lots and lots of chili, but Brenda told us that she could use more jeans to hang up as décor.
New Members
This coming Thursday we will induct seven new people, as two Corporate Memberships from the District of Lake Country. Bernard expressed some concern that, given our low attendance recently (because of snowbirds heading south for the winter, mostly), we may have more guests there Thursday morning than members.
Youth Exchange students shine
Our two Youth Exchange students, Lily Robinsonn (headed for Finland) and Rori Allport (headed for Denmark) provided our program last Thursday.
Lily decided to prove that we hadn’t learned everything about Finland from Aeva a year ago, with a series of true or false questions. For example, did you know that it is illegal to sell kittens in pet stores in Finland? Neither did we. Or that there are no pay phones in Finland? Well, if you think about it, Finland is the home of Nokia, which might suggest something about cell phone availability. Or that when a PhD student graduates, his/her symbols are a sword and a top hat? Ah, didn’t think so.
Rori, in her turn, peppered us with multiple choice questions about Denmark. We learned that pork-with-parsley-sauce is Denmark’s national dish. That the national sport is soccer. That Denmark is the world’s longest lasting monarchy. That the swan is Denmark’s national animal. And, of course, that is the home of the Little Mermaid.
Both girls demonstrated that they have good skills in dong research, that they speak well, and that they are confident on their feet when making presentations.
Our club can be proud of them.
Rotary Bursary Program
Rotary is committed to serving youth and helping to develop future community leaders.  Each year, the Rotary Club of Lake Country provides bursaries to graduating high school students to help continue their education.  Bursary decisions are based on the students' academic achievement, record of community service, and financial need.  
The 2017 recipients of Rotary Bursaries are Alexandra McAllister, Bryan Kim, Curtis Bannister, Gabriela Tarbox, Jennifer Holitzki, Saul Rosal, Shawn Olfert and Tyra Death from George Elliot Secondary.  
Eric Watson, who graduated from the Okanagan College Residential Construction Program, also received a Rotary Bursary.   Congratulations!
The Club is now accepting Bursary applications from graduating students who will be attending University, College or a Trades School in the fall of 2018.  For further information, please contact Dave Colquhoun at
What is Rotary?
It's a leadership organization!
We're made up of individuals from all walks of life.
We meet regularly, get to know each other, form friendships, and through that, we're able to get things done in the community.
Welcome to our Club

Make Friends Through Rotary

Have you got enough friends already?  If not, consider joining Rotary. 
Rotary members are friendly, co-operative and committed to making a difference.  Weekly breakfast meetings provide opportunities for members to socialize and discuss actions to put our principles of "service above self" into practice in the community.   Social events such as bowling, golf and games nights are also scheduled throughout the year to enable members to relax and have fun!
Rotarians are the kind of people you want to have as friends!

Rotary Gets Things Done!

The Rotary Club of Lake Country recently handed over a new building as a permanent home for the Lake Country Food Bank.  It was a five-year, million dollar project, with three-quarters of the total value achieved through donations of skills, land and money. 
Our current community service activities are focussed on the following local projects:
  • helping the Food Bank to acquire equipment to expand their regional food sharing network which enables viable food to be shared between our Food Bank and other food service agencies in Cherryville, Lumby, Salmon Arm, Enderby, Vernon, UBCO, Salvation Army Kelowna and Peachland;  
  • raising funds to support the replacement of the original 100 year hardwood floor in the Okanagan Centre Community Hall;
  • working with the District of Lake Country to improve the design of the food concession at Swalwell Park, so that it can be better used by community groups.
The Club is also helping to build hiking trails locally, and internationally helping to wipe out polio, to educate street kids in Honduras, and to supply pure water to villages in Ethiopia.
Contact Us
Please consider joining the Rotary Club of Lake Country today. Together with your fellow members, you’ll be an integral part of building a stronger community. Your impact will be visible to all, and will provide a feeling of gratification that can’t be matched.
To obtain further information about Rotary membership or attending one of our upcoming meetings or social events, please contact Bernard DeWonck at
Upcoming Events

There's No Free Lunch!

But there is a free breakfast, If you want to find out if Rotary is something you might want to belong to. 
We meet every Thursday morning, at 7 a.m., in the Okanagan Room, at Holiday Park Resort for fellowship and to enjoy a delicious, hot breakfast.  Breakfast meetings are used  to plan community service activities and often feature an invited speaker. 
In addition to our regular breakfast meetings, we try to schedule at least one social event each month in the community to relax and have fun!  
Breakfast Meetings
Nov. 2         Judy Wallace (Laughing Yoga))
Nov. 9         Greg Bucholz - District of Lake Country 
Nov. 16       Sandy Wightman (Vimy Ridge)
Nov. 23       Holly Flinkman and Julie Wolfe
Nov. 30       Nicole Sorenson - Audiologist
Dec. 8         Christmas Party- NO MEETING ON DEC. 7
Dec. 15       Annual General Meeting
Dec. 21       'Parlour Games' smiley
Dec. 28       NO MEETING
Jan 4           Breakfast at Cream and Bean
Jan 11         Karen Mason - Kelowna Women's Shelter
Jan 18         Club Assembly
Jan 25         Outbound Exchange Student Presentation
Feb 1          New Member Inductions
Feb 8          Das Kandola - West Kelowna-Sunrise Rotary Club
Feb 15        Linda Kaplan - Tri-Lake Animal Hospital
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