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Hybrid meetings start July 7, 2022, link below; meeting at Beasley Park club-house, 2nd floor, on Woodsdale Rd. Please email for meeting password:
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Home Page Stories
May has been a busy month as our members have been active with several community projects within Lake Country.
Winfield Cemetery Spring Clean-up
President Kayla thanked our members who helped the Lake Country Lion’s Club complete a spring clean-up at the Winfield Cemetery on May 14.  This is the second year that this cooperative venture has occurred.  Kudos to Carol, Monika, Nathan, Rich, Andrew, Shaun, Jim T, and Riley (Margaret's grandson) for their assistance.
Lake Country Museum Annex Project
Past President Sandy has been leading a Club project to expand the annex of the Lake Country Museum to create additional space for museum displays and a casual coffee/eating area for the Museum's bistro. Club volunteers are installing new walls and windows to create a completely enclosed space for these activities.
So far, members have logged about 150 hours of construction and 60 hours pre-construction since mid-April.  The new walls have been framed and new window installation is in progress.
The next steps include:
  • Completion of window installation.
  • Exterior building paper
  • Caulk balance of exterior plywood to the concrete floor
  • Foam insulate window &framing gaps
  • Install exterior bottom wall flashings
Good company and a continuous stream coffee and snacks have kept our volunteers happy and well nourished. 😊
Guest Speaker: Jackie Goode, Lake Country Community Fridge  
The Lake Country Community Fridge Project was launched in October 2021 to provide safe, 24/7 access to free food for those in the community who needed it. “The idea is ‘Take what you need, leave what you can.’ Those that need nutritious food can help themselves, and members of the community are welcome to contribute what they are able.”
The plan for this started in July 2021. Jackie was working with an outreach group looking for a new venue and found that there was a community fridge group in Kelowna.  She helped to extend their reach by creating a community fridge in Lake Country and is seeking funding while having found a location at the United Church in Winfield. 
A lot of people are using the fridge now – her presentation featured thank-you notes from parents and children alike. 
Sponsors include the Winfield United Church, Dist. Lake Country, Coast Appliances, Home Depot, Goode Properties, Fine Point electric, Roof Centre, EnGedi, Xibita, Valley First, Interior Savings, LC Compost, Turtle Bay IT services, OK Hardwood Flooring, IGA, LC Food Assistance Society.
The Community Fridge received a Community Service Provider of the Year award from the Chamber of Commerce in Marc, 2022 for their work in 2021.
Someone in Penticton heard about the Fridge and reached out.  Subsequently, the Lions Club there built their own Fridge in Penticton. 
There have been some unfortunate incidents; the heater has been stolen twice, but good Samaritans have stepped up and donated replacements.  However, the positivity always outweighs the issues.
We can help by dropping off food, donating money, using Save-On cards to guy groceries to donate or by donate gift cards!
If you want to donate, use Facebook @lccfridge, or email
With our upcoming ‘Lobster Crawl-thru’ fundraiser a little over a week away, the first part of our meeting today was devoted to getting ready for the big event.
Our PR guru, Monika, has done an excellent job with event promotion and there are less than 20 unsold tickets as of this morning.  We were also excited to learn that our favourite lobster cheerleader, Nathan, will be making a return performance. 😊
Sandy will soon be finalizing and submitting our lobster order, so a final call was made for Club members to confirm their attendance for our post-fundraiser dinner, to be held the next evening.
Our Sheriff continued the meeting with a Lobster theme trivia quiz covering everything you might want to know (or not) about these mysterious crustaceans.
  1. How do lobsters taste their food?  Through their legs
  2. How big do lobsters grow?  Record is 44 LB in Nova Scotia
  3. How do they chew their food?  Their teeth are in their stomach
  4. How old are the 1 ½ LB lobsters we order?  5 – 7 years
  5. How do lobsters ‘pee’?  Through a nozzle under their eyes
  6. What is the oldest recorded lobster?  140 years in Nfld
  7. How many legs do they have?  6
  8. How big is a lobster’s brain?  The tip of a ballpoint pen
  9. Which is sweeter?  NS lobster or west coast Dungeness crab?  Dungeness
  10. What do lobsters eat?  Shellfish, crabs, bottom fish and each other!
  11. Can lobster grow 4 ft. long?  Yes
  12. Is lobster high in protein and low in fat, without butter of course??   Yes
Guest Speakers:  Shara Bentley and Claudia Buendia, Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee in BC.
Claudia is part of a Personal Decisions Services Team. She works under the “Health Care Consent and Care Facility Act’ which defines what happens when an adult does not have anyone to represent them.
This act requires consent to be obtained for providing health care and for admission to a care facility. A Care Facility includes:
  • Long term care facilities
  • Respite
  • Hospice
  • Short or long-term rehab mental health and/or substance u use programs, including
  • Crisis intervention/stabilization
  • Sobering and detox
  • Assessment and treatment settings
  • Short and long-term residential care, family care, homes, and respite
If an adult is determined to be incapable of making decisions themselves, admission managers must obtain substitute consent from a Committee of Person, or a Substitute Decision Maker. These could be:
  • Personal/ Health Care Rep – Section 9
  • Child
  • Parent
  • Sibling
  • Grandparent or grand child
  • Anyone related by birth or adoption
  • Close friend
  • Person immediately related by marriage
  • Someone authorized by the PGT or the PGT
Substitute decision makers (SDMs) must be at least nineteen; have had contact with adult in the last 12 months; have no dispute with the adult; be capable of giving, refusing, or revoking consent; and be willing to comply with the duties.
Case Example:  a 64-year-old has lived in a group home for 20 years and now care needs require a move to long-term care. The following steps need to happen:
  • Health Authority assesses and confirms need for care home
  • Admission Mgr. notices that patient incapable of providing consent themselves
  • Assessor assesses for incapability and determines patient is incapable
  • Admission Mgr. attempts to locate a SDM or a Representative under a Representation Agreement
  • Refers to PGT
  • PGT review is completed, and consent is provided
Claudia’s organization also deals with Health Care decisions:  
  • For therapeutic, preventive, palliative, diagnostic, cosmetic or other purpose related to health
  • A plan for minor health care that is developed by one or more HCPs, deals with one or more problems now or expected in future, and is in force no more than 12 months
  • Participation in an approved medical research program
Health care providers:  the list is VERY lengthy, and includes traditional Chinese medicine herbalists, midwives, massage therapists, dieticians, audiologists, acupuncturists, as well as those who might be considered traditional health-care providers.
Substitute consent is required is the adult is determined to be incapable of deciding themselves. HC providers must obtain substitute consent from:
  • A committee of Person
  • Personal Health Care Rep – Sec 9
  • A Temporary SDM (those eligible to be SDMs previously listed); SDM Eligibility under the Decision Act is the same as for the Consent Act.
Case Example:  A 29-year-old adult residing with a home share provider has been experiencing new behaviours and agitation. Her provider arranged for a doctor appt. with her GP. The GP prescribed Risperidone to help manage the new experience. The GP asks the home share provider for consent.
Next steps:
  • Home share provider is not an eligible temporary SDM (TSDM)
  • The HC provider assesses patient to be incapable of consenting herself
  • HC provider searches for the most appropriate TSDM
  • If no higher-ranking TSDMs are found, the GP contacts the GPGT to request legal consent
  • The PGT reviews the request and considers whether to provide consent
A Representation Agreement allows you to appoint someone as your legal representative to manage personal care and health care decisions, and sometimes small financial and legal decisions, if you are unable to make them on your own. A paid health-care provider cannot be a representative unless it is a child, parent, or spouse. There is a Section 9 type of agreement for those who are mentally capable, and a Section 7 for those who are not capable. The Agreement may be revoked anytime if the adult is capable. Anyone may object to the Agreement if there is reason to believe that its validity is compromised.
Rotary Bursary Program
Rotary is committed to serving youth and helping to develop future community leaders.  Each year, the Rotary Club of Lake Country provides bursaries to graduating high school students from Lake Country to help continue their post-secondary education. 
Bursary decisions are based on the students' academic achievement, record of community service, and financial need.
A bursary was awarded in July, 2020 to Erin Courtney, who graduated from the Okanagan College Residential Construction Program.  Erin will be using the funds 'to purchase some tools and clothing required for work and to help offset the cost of child care for two young children.'
The 2020 recipients of Rotary Bursaries from George Elliot High School are Madeline Muir, Ben Bannister and Leonie Steigenberger.
Congratulations to all our Bursary recipients.
What is Rotary?
It's a leadership organization!
We're made up of individuals from all walks of life who come together to serve our local and international community. 
We meet regularly, get to know each other, form friendships, and through that, we're able to get things done in the community!
Our Vision:
Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.
Rotary Bursary Program
Welcome to our Club

Make Friends Through Rotary

Have you got enough friends already?  If not, consider joining Rotary. 
Rotary members are friendly, co-operative and committed to making a difference.  Weekly breakfast meetings provide opportunities for members to socialize and discuss actions to put our principles of "service above self" into practice in the community.   Social events are also scheduled throughout the year to enable members to relax and have fun!
Rotarians are the kind of people you want to have as friends!

Rotary Gets Things Done through Community Service! 

Lake Country Rotary Club’s latest mini library installed this past week at Cadence makes three local Rotary mini libraries.  There are similar Rotary libraries at Oyama Hall and at the Lake Country Museum in Okanagan Centre.  Two of Rotary’s eight global goals are to increase literacy and to help the environment.  Mini book recycling neighbourhood libraries are a way to make progress toward those goals.        
Rotarians Shaun Lesowski, Urs Bruhin, Leah MacKenzie-Brown, Brett McClelland, Jim Robertson, Brenda Dewonck, Wendy Caban, Sandy Wightman, and our newest member Don Kawano dug the hole and concreted the post on day and installed the library the following day.
 The libraries are made in Rotarian Sandy Wightman’s home shop.
Lake Country Rotary is an active local club of women and men who believe in “Service above self”. We do multiple projects in lake Country and Internationally. If you are interested in Community Service and fun check out our website or our Facebook page. Lake Country is looking for more neighbourhoods that would like their own mini library.
In 2016, the Rotary Club of Lake Country handed over a new building as a permanent home for the Lake Country Food Bank.  It was a five-year, million dollar project, with three-quarters of the total value achieved through donations of skills, land and money.
Our Club continues to help the Food Bank provide food assistance to vulnerable people in our community.  We've helped fund the construction of a new regional food recovery centre in the newly renovated basement and have partnered with other local Rotary Clubs to purchase a pallet stacker to improve the processing of food donations.
We've also collaborated with Save-On Foods to introduce a new shopping card sales program to benefit the Food Bank.  When people purchase a Rotary/Save-On Foods shopping card, 8 percent of the value of each gift card currently goes to our local food bank with no cost to you!   The 8 percent sponsorship, provided by Save-On Foods, is currently being matched by a private donor for a limited time.
Results Achieved - October 2021
To date, the value of Save-On Shopping Cards purchased has reached $440 thousand, and $61 thousand has been raised to support people in our community who need food assistance!
We would like to continue the benefit from Save-On Foods gift card sales at current levels, and invite local businesses and individuals to become a 1 percent sponsor.  Sponsors will be recognized in the program ads and be eligible for a charitable tax receipt.
Purchase your Rotary Save-On Foods Card at any of the approved vendors listed below or Email: or contact your favourite Rotarian 🥰 
The cards can be used at any Save-On Foods Store.
Our newest project is focused on raising funds to construct a new fishing pier and accessible kayak launch on the Pelmawash Parkway, in partnership with the District of Lake Country.
The Club is also helping to build hiking trails locally, and internationally helping to wipe out polio, to educate street kids in Honduras, and to supply pure water to villages in Ethiopia.
Contact Us
Please consider joining the Rotary Club of Lake Country today. Together with your fellow members, you’ll be an integral part of building a stronger community. Your impact will be visible to all, and will provide a feeling of gratification that can’t be matched.
To obtain further information about Rotary membership or attending one of our upcoming meetings or social events, please  email
Club Fundraisers
A big thank you to everyone who supported our lobster dinner fundraiser on February 25 smiley 
Thanks as well to our sponsors that helped make it happen: Castanet Lake Country Liquor Store and Save-On-Foods 🧡
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