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Past District Governor, Sherry Chamberlain, joined us this week via zoom to speak about Rotary’s initiative to strengthen our public image and brand. Sherry is the Public Image Lead for our District (5060) and does a lot of Rotary Foundation work as well.
Why is it important to improve Rotary’s public image? Because just knowing about Rotary often isn’t enough to spark people’s interest and spur them to get involved.
When people understand what Rotary does to make the world a better place, they may be motivated to support our efforts and get involved. Strengthening Rotary’s public image can help us attract members, volunteers, partners, and donors.
People's perception of Rotary comes from their experiences with our clubs and programs, along with the stories we tell and the images we share. It’s every member’s responsibility to help strengthen Rotary's brand.
Several key messages for improving Rotary’s public image emerged from Sherry’s presentation:
  • market our Rotary Clubs the same way as we would a product or service.
    • Publicize our projects and activities to influence how our club is perceived.
    • Share stories about how our Club’s projects affect the lives of people in our community.
    • Present our club as vibrant and our members as people of action.
  • Use consistent visual branding and communication strategies developed by Rotary International.
  • Members should be encouraged to talk about the benefits of being a Rotarian: friendship, personal gratification associated with participating in community service projects, professional networking, public speaking, leadership development, worldwide connections.
  • There are excellent training courses on marketing, social media skills, and public image available on the Rotary International website,
  • The new District 5060 marketing campaign – tag line is ‘connecting people with purpose’. is the public landing page. Additional member resources are available here. The site also has ‘join and find club’ buttons.
  • Grants for public image enhancements are also available.  Funding applications for specific projects can be submitted to
Sherry noted that our Club is doing better than most with respect to social media. She suggested joining Facebook groups – Lake Country Events, Lake Country BC, Lake Country Calendar to broaden our reach and community connections.
Bits n Pieces
  • Winfield Cemetery clean-up will go ahead on October 16 unless we experience a heavy rainfall. 11 Rotarians have volunteered. Meet at 9:00 at Winfield Cemetery. Take gardening gloves, a rake, clippers. Weed whackers and garbage bags will be provided.
  • Kathryn has requested that anyone interested in being involved in our 2022-23 Rotary executive please let her know. 😊
Shaun was born/raised in Cherryville on a cattle ranch.  He had an old town site called ‘Hilton’ which included a boardwalk and storefronts!  In the last 1800s the original owner had tied apples to poplar trees and sent the pics back to England to entice buyers to buy land there for agriculture.
Shaun got into horticulture at age 18; studies at Kwantlen Poly. and then worked at Golf & Country Club, moving on to building golf courses.  Joined local government, met his wife; and got opportunity to build parks department here.  Continues his education on an ongoing basis.
A strong community background led him to Rotary, and he joined our club as a way to help give back to the community.  He is an outdoors person, including fishing, golfing and watersports. 
His son is finishing up university, and Shaun hopes to have more family time with him once he has graduated.  Shaun loves to cook and make meals for the family.  His wife works for Century Lane Kitchens (34 years) as office manager/controller.  She works out, plays volleyball; they have 2 dogs, and believes the dogs out-rank both Shaun and his son.
Shaun fishes whenever he can using his new boat (birthday present from his wife 3 years ago).  He had a pickerel fishing trip in the summer and caught some of the best fish he had ever eaten, at Robson, near Castlegar.  (There is sturgeon there as well).
Maria asked about when arena will open again; curling is open; arena is open but currently there are no washrooms or office space available.  Public programming should open up within the next few weeks.
He thinks the proudest moments of his life involve being part of his community – and he added, in case they read this summary on the Rotary Web Site, that he is also very proud of his wife and his son! 
Rich said we are very fortunate to have Shaun in our community and in our club!  We all agree. 
Short intro of Gary by Rich (REALLY short – Rich almost at a loss for words! But he recovered quickly😊) Gary transferred from Kelowna Now club, where he was a member last year. Gary is very interested in serving his Lake Country community.
Intro of Nancy by Maria; Nancy originally from Saskatchewan and now living in LC. 4 children for Nancy and her partner Wayne; career mostly in higher-ed; currently at UBCO as mgr. of Admissions and Awards.  Currently volunteers for CO Hospice Assoc. and Elder Dog Canada.  She is also interested in community service.
Kayla shared the Induction script inviting both Gary and Nancy to join us, which invitation was accepted by both.
Kayla reported that Sunday’s Yoga event at Predator Ridge was a successful, fun event and raised over $1000 for our Rotary Club!
Rotary Foundation Announcements by Margaret
Oct 24th World Polio Day – What can we do to raise some funds?  Send ideas to Margaret
Oct 16 – partnering with Lions club to clean up Winfield Cemetery behind B&G club, 9:00 a.m.  bring own gloves and gardening tools
Sad reflections on rear-enders to Jim’s vintage Jaguar (no one hurt except the beloved car); good reflections on how helpful the passers-by were; on travel to Ucluelet and Tofino; sad reflections by Monika on eye-health needs for senior dogs; happier reflections on cool eye-patches crafted for Scout by Brenda Dewonck; on surviving a Vancouver Island University reunion and family trip, but cutting the trip short for family crisis back home (which ended well); announcement of Fri. Feb. 25 at Beasley Park for next Lobster Crawl (send email to Judy if want to be part of the team); on having to miss the Yoga event on Sunday because of a face cyst.
Sheriff Monika:  Theme - Colonization and weird food – i.e.England! 
  • Named patron saints of England, Ireland and Scotland and Wales:  George, Patrick, Andrew, David;
  • 2 major English naval ports:  Portsmouth, Plymouth
  • The year that Walter Arnold of Kent received the first speeding ticket (invented in England) – 1896  - going 4x posted speed limit of 8 miles/hour
  • 1896 Zanzibar war lasted 38 minutes – shortest war in history
  • How many cups of tea do British drink per year – 100M/day, 60B/year
  • Most popular drink in Britain – gin
  • Shakespeare – words accredited to him as having been added to English vocabulary – 40K; words like gossip, rant, zany, alligator
  • British accent changes every 25 miles as you move across the county
  • Cockney rhyming slang – dog’n’bone = phone; trouble’n’strife = wife; adam’n’eve = believe; apples’n’pears = stairs
Sarah & Rotary "Andy" Jack with Zoot
Sarah de Leeuw – Classification Talk
Sarah joined our club earlier this year after she was referred by another prospective member from Vernon. She knew about Rotary - in Gr. 11 she won a Rotary Youth Exchange opportunity when living in Terrace. Since she wasn’t living at home, she wasn’t able to get the legal forms signed off and unfortunately missed the opportunity to attend school in Switzerland.  Sandy mentioned the Bob Winter fund which provides support for students in difficult circumstances to travel for exchange assignments. 
Sarah is a writer in medical/health humanities.  She asks us to remember that medicine is an art as well as a science.  While evidence in science is a good way to make decisions, we need replicatable evidence to support scientific guidance.  A focus on bioscientific, replicatable evidence has developed as an important foundation of medicine.  However, we have forgotten that just removing a tumour doesn’t address other factors:  family, overall health, spirituality, heart, mind, humanity etc.   Growing # of people around the world think we need to account for history, art, other humanities focus areas, to complement medical treatment.
Sarah spoke about her writing:  Poetry and Medicine, (A life Towards Social Justice) and read a poem from it.  She takes seriously the idea bringing about social justice through poetry and literary non-fiction. 
Her background is partly because of where she lived and how she grew up:  Vancouver Island, Haida Gwaii, Terrace, Prince George, Kingston ON, Tucson, AZ, Prince George again, Lake Country.
Sarah shared with us that Queen Charlotte, of the Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii) was the original black monarch. 
Sarah began to interact with Rotary in Gr. 11; completed university studies in Terrace, spent time abroad, then moved back to PG for graduate work.  Then studied in Kingston ON, did grad work in PG, where she made a ‘disastrous decision’ to divide her time between PG and Lake Country because she met her partner in LC -he was a Prof at UBC-O.
Her current research question is:  Why do some people lead healthier lives than others? (Have better health outcomes than others?)  What role does coloniality play in this? 
Sarah writes about Truth and reconciliation, poetics and new geo-graphing in colonial Canada. Her activities pertain to the art, not the science, of healing and medicine.  She tries to identify all the ‘isms’ that permeate healthy lives, and tries to change ‘hearts’ in ‘changing hearts and minds’.  She tries to help build resiliency.  Arts can alleviate moral distress (eg. disequilibrium of triage in medical emergencies).  Funded directly through research grants.  Also tries to clarify questions between race and colonialism.
What each of us can do:
  • Realize there’s room for improvement
  • Open our hearts and minds to the possibility of something different
  • Search out what we don’t understand
  • Extend the limits of what we engage with
  • Listen to learn, not to respond
  • Immerse ourselves in other worldviews (the arts are a great way of doing this)
  • Stand up against injustice
Sarah finished by reading one of her poems.
Happy & Sad – Reflections:  on family coming home with grandchildren for Thanksgiving and Christmas; on 75th birthday parties; on returning to state of normalcy after non-stop company and construction; on comparisons between COVID and smallpox with no recognition that smallpox was eradicated through the use of vaccines; on family members breaking free of wheelchairs; on completing the soccer season and contemplation of not repeating the experience next year; on running instead of soccer…perhaps with a martini in hand…; on getting a head-start on ‘Movember’.
Rich’s Trivia - Reminder of Berry Rd. formerly being known as the gulley; reminder of purchase price in 1930s (?) of Kelowna airport when City of Kelowna bought it, $24,000 (approx.).  Initial amount of property was 300 acres; 345 votes supported the purchase and 340 did not.  Original airport which had been the Kelowna Airport was on HWY33, near Rutland Road; reminder of first enclosed shopping mall outside of lower mainland – Capri Mall – created by Caposi family (Capri name came from combining names of two families involved – Caposi and Pridham)
Margaret’s Foundation Moment
What is The Rotary Foundation’s Endowment Fund?
Gifts to Rotary's Endowment ensure that future Rotarians will have the resources they need to design and implement sustainable projects year after year. Donations to the Endowment Fund can be made as an outright gift or a planned gift, such as a bequest in your estate. As of the 2019-20 Rotary year, Rotary’s Endowment net assets totaled US$500.5 million and commitments totaled US$838.3 million, for a combined total of more than $1.3 billion.
NO Thursday morning meeting on Sep. 30th National Truth & Reconciliation Day but we do have a member social in the evening starting at 6pm at Upside Cidery. All members and guests are welcome!
Rotary Bursary Program
Rotary is committed to serving youth and helping to develop future community leaders.  Each year, the Rotary Club of Lake Country provides bursaries to graduating high school students from Lake Country to help continue their post-secondary education. 
Bursary decisions are based on the students' academic achievement, record of community service, and financial need.
A bursary was awarded in July, 2020 to Erin Courtney, who graduated from the Okanagan College Residential Construction Program.  Erin will be using the funds 'to purchase some tools and clothing required for work and to help offset the cost of child care for two young children.'
The 2020 recipients of Rotary Bursaries from George Elliot High School are Madeline Muir, Ben Bannister and Leonie Steigenberger.
Congratulations to all our Bursary recipients.
What is Rotary?
It's a leadership organization!
We're made up of individuals from all walks of life who come together to serve our local and international community. 
We meet regularly, get to know each other, form friendships, and through that, we're able to get things done in the community!
Our Vision:
Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.
Welcome to our Club

Make Friends Through Rotary

Have you got enough friends already?  If not, consider joining Rotary. 
Rotary members are friendly, co-operative and committed to making a difference.  Weekly breakfast meetings provide opportunities for members to socialize and discuss actions to put our principles of "service above self" into practice in the community.   Social events are also scheduled throughout the year to enable members to relax and have fun!
Rotarians are the kind of people you want to have as friends!

Rotary Gets Things Done through Community Service! 

Lake Country Rotary Club’s latest mini library installed this past week at Cadence makes three local Rotary mini libraries.  There are similar Rotary libraries at Oyama Hall and at the Lake Country Museum in Okanagan Centre.  Two of Rotary’s eight global goals are to increase literacy and to help the environment.  Mini book recycling neighbourhood libraries are a way to make progress toward those goals.        
Rotarians Shaun Lesowski, Urs Bruhin, Leah MacKenzie-Brown, Brett McClelland, Jim Robertson, Brenda Dewonck, Wendy Caban, Sandy Wightman, and our newest member Don Kawano dug the hole and concreted the post on day and installed the library the following day.
 The libraries are made in Rotarian Sandy Wightman’s home shop.
Lake Country Rotary is an active local club of women and men who believe in “Service above self”. We do multiple projects in lake Country and Internationally. If you are interested in Community Service and fun check out our website or our Facebook page. Lake Country is looking for more neighbourhoods that would like their own mini library.
In 2016, the Rotary Club of Lake Country handed over a new building as a permanent home for the Lake Country Food Bank.  It was a five-year, million dollar project, with three-quarters of the total value achieved through donations of skills, land and money.
Our Club continues to help the Food Bank provide food assistance to vulnerable people in our community.  We've helped fund the construction of a new regional food recovery centre in the newly renovated basement and have partnered with other local Rotary Clubs to purchase a pallet stacker to improve the processing of food donations.
We've also collaborated with Save-On Foods to introduce a new shopping card sales program to benefit the Food Bank.  When people purchase a Rotary/Save-On Foods shopping card, 8 percent of the value of each gift card currently goes to our local food bank with no cost to you!   The 8 percent sponsorship, provided by Save-On Foods, is currently being matched by a private donor for a limited time.
Results Achieved - October 2021
To date, the value of Save-On Shopping Cards purchased has reached $440 thousand, and $61 thousand has been raised to support people in our community who need food assistance!
We would like to continue the benefit from Save-On Foods gift card sales at current levels, and invite local businesses and individuals to become a 1 percent sponsor.  Sponsors will be recognized in the program ads and be eligible for a charitable tax receipt.
Purchase your Rotary Save-On Foods Card at any of the approved vendors listed below or Email: or contact your favourite Rotarian 🥰 
The cards can be used at any Save-On Foods Store.
Our newest project is focused on raising funds to construct a new fishing pier and accessible kayak launch on the Pelmawash Parkway, in partnership with the District of Lake Country.
The Club is also helping to build hiking trails locally, and internationally helping to wipe out polio, to educate street kids in Honduras, and to supply pure water to villages in Ethiopia.
Contact Us
Please consider joining the Rotary Club of Lake Country today. Together with your fellow members, you’ll be an integral part of building a stronger community. Your impact will be visible to all, and will provide a feeling of gratification that can’t be matched.
To obtain further information about Rotary membership or attending one of our upcoming meetings or social events, please  email
Club Fundraisers
Kiwanis Lions Optimist Rotary join for week of service to Celebrate Community

Kiwanis, Lions, Optimist, Rotary, join for week of service to Celebrate CommunityEVANSTON, ILL.: October 7, 2021 – Celebrate Community, a joint initiative of the four major volunteer service organizations, will launch

The Best Chance to Eradicate Polio is Now

World Health Organization’s polio chief, Aidan O’Leary explains why now is our best chance to eradicate polio.

Join us for Rotary’s World Polio Day Online Global Update

Join us for Rotary’s World Polio Day Online Global Update Rotary International14-October-2019  Mark your calendar to join us on 24 October 2019, for Rotary’s World Polio Day

RI President-elect Jennifer Jones announces Rotary’s $97 million pledge for sustainable projects during Global Citizen Live

The star-studded global event rallied people to take action on some of the world’s most urgent problems.

BTS’ Jimin donates 100 million Korean won to eradicate polio

BTS’ Jimin donates 100 million Korean won to eradicate polioSEOUL, South Korea: Sept. 23, 2021 – Jimin, a member of K-pop boy band BTS, is supporting the eradication of polio, a devastating vaccine-preventable disease