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We are meeting via Zoom for the foreseeable future. Please email Kayla if you have any questions at Membership inquiries contact
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Special guest presenter PDG Peter Shultz “Innovative Club Advocate”
Peter was welcomed to our meeting to speak to us on ‘Innovation and Attraction’
The objective is to help clubs attract and retain new members.  Membership in Rotary has been declining for several years.  Our club’s attraction rate is about 31%, which is higher than the District, but our attrition rate is about 27%, when the District attrition rate is about 16%.
The point to take away today – we need to be intentional about our club and our meetings; can’t just think about how it worked in the past without an honest reflection about the future.
Value is the entire story in a Rotary club – if a person sees value, they will join the club and they will stay.  The cost of being a Rotarian is about $1200 / year; if there is value seen in that for a new member, then the club is in good shape.  If there is value, then what remains is marketing, and we in Rotary need to get better at Marketing – Peter is trying to help Rotarians Grow Rotary. 
Seniors are key additions to the club, but millennials are the future – so what do they want?  They want to spend time with their friends, to be active, to learn new things, to be outside, to travel, and to do something philanthropic.  What do we have in our meetings to offer them?  Do they want to sing the anthem, share a meal, donate money?  We don’t know – we should ask.
Peter has been involved in starting new clubs and encourages ‘Chapter 1’ club – chapter 1 of Rotary Manual of Procedures – “Guiding Principles” – motto, 4-way test, object of Rotary and underlying values which make us who we are. – Diversity, service, leadership, integrity, and fellowship.  He spoke about how his latest club, “Rotary Now” worked – it was quite different from our own. 
Peter asked us to think about whether our meetings were fun or not.  ‘ICB’s are Increased Cognition Breaks’ – ways to break-up meetings that are too ‘fixed’. 
He encouraged us to engage members by allowing them to bring up their ‘passion’ projects, using service as an opportunity for social, being hands-on every month, being social every month, and having regular meetings.
He reminded us that there is nothing in Rotary that says we have to do more each year than we did the year before. 
He suggested that the world of Rotary will never be the same after Covid – 7 lessons learned:
1. It isn’t the meal that makes the Rotary meeting
2. Your club’s digital image is no longer an option! (good graphics, sense of fun, fellowship, service) Consider paying a monthly stipend to an Interact student to keep us up-to-date
3. Rotary must be proactive!  We can no longer expect members to find us.
4. Members, guests and speakers can join your meeting from all over the world; rethink membership requirements – members leaving community may not need to leave the club – these directives come from the club bylaws, not the District;
5. We never know who will be dropping into our meetings.  Diversity, equity and inclusion have NEVER been more important;
6. Technology can affect the delivery;  consider ‘fun factor’; consider investing in equipment to make hybrid meetings effective;
7. Get creative with your Speaker Series in ways you could not before!
With above values and product, let’s sell the membership idea!  We did not need a pandemic to tell us we needed to tune-up our digital presence.  Get a committee to focus on digital image. Check out the many new Public Image resources on our D5060 website: Host Business Mixer After-Hours – perhaps with Chamber of Commerce.  Have an interesting speaker with short message.  Get sponsors for door prizes, food/drinks.  These are Hallmarks of innovative clubs. 
View Peter's entire presentation on Vimeo here:
Dan our “Golfather” presented us with some "hot off the press" results from his 2021 Golf Draft:
185 teams, $1800 raised for our club and $3850 in prize money handed out!!!
19 Rotarian teams: Patty’s team came in 8th and earned $180, Kayla’s team earned $155, Margaret’s team won BEST TEAM NAME for “Weapons of Grass Destruction”, Kathryn’s team won a Starbuck’s gift certificate.
Get your team together for our 2022 draft – just $30 per team!
Sheriff Kathryn, with her Nautical Trivia, had a hard time stumping Rich and Sandy! Did you know…
1 nautical mile = 1.5 miles
Cigarette boats run at 1000 hp or higher!
White running light on a boat is placed at the stern.
Harmsworth is known as the original speedboat trophy race – started at 19.5 mph and ended at 116 mph
Induction of New Member Don Kawano
Introduced by Maria, Don was formerly in Rotary in Cranbrook and was the club president in 2013/14. He attended GESS from 1959-1965 and went to law school at UBC beginning his legal career in Dawson Creek. In 1985, He took a short sabbatical from law (referring to it as his MBA program) when he established Lake Country Orchards with a partner. He and his wife Linda now reside in Cadence at The Lakes in a house which is only a mile away from the farm where he grew up. Wendy Caban is his Rotary club sponsor. President Kayla made a short induction speech inviting Don to rejoin Rotary through our club.  Don accepted his club pin virtually and received virtual handshakes all around as he became our newest member!
Club 2021/22 Budget and Club Financial Statements for 2020/21 reviewed by our club Treasurer Jean=Marc. JM moved to approve financial statements for 2021-22 as presented; seconded by Sandy. Some discussion followed. JM offered access to the books to members interested. Kayla called for votes – both carried. A HUGE thank you to JM for all he does for our club! Go Habs!!!
Happy & Sad
  • Sandy – one of first 600K that got vax cert on line; Maria and Kathryn too
  • Maria happy with new member induction today
  • Don Happy because of granddaughter’s 8th b-day
  • Margaret bec. ArtWalk going ahead in different format
  • Ken because apples are now available for sale, good variety available
  • Dan with $480 happy dollars because all winners who have won so far have donated prizes back to Rotary
  • Jim, happy because his friend Stella is back from hiking Haida Gwai but sad because he didn’t go on the trip
  • JM put in $8.00 for missing 4 meetings
  • Sarah because Haida Gwai is where she grew up and she just returned from vacationing on the Island
  • Rich because fall has started out so nicely
  • Margaret sad bec. Oct. 16 concert cancelled due to Covid restrictions
  • Marsel happy to be celebrating 27th anniversary in Lake Country.
Sunshine by  Jim Taylor
Daphne C. b-day next week
Richard Brown on Sep. 22
Guido’s anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks
Margaret’s Foundation Moment
What is a Rotary Direct?
Support Rotary’s Foundation year-round by making an automatic recurring gift with Rotary Direct. You choose how much and how often to give. It’s a simple and secure way to make a big impact.   
Online credit card contributions can be made monthly, quarterly, or annually, with a US$10 transaction minimum. Donors can also enroll using the Rotary Direct enrollment form, The Rotary Foundation Contribution Form, by calling the Support Center at +1-866-9ROTARY, or by going online at
Donors can change or cancel their recurring giving online at any time through My Rotary. After you sign in, go to Account Settings by following the link in the upper right. Then choose the Donor Self Service tab.  
Rotary Direct is safe, secure, and easy… Sign up today.  Thank you for your support!
Future Speaker Dates
September 16: Kari Alex. Sockeye salmon return to Okanagan Lake
Sept 23: Sarah de Leeuw Classification
Sept 30: no morning meeting; evening social 6:00 Upside Cidery
Oct 7: Shaun Lesowski
Oct 14: Club 25th series
Oct 21 Barb Penner & Stuart Lang. HIP Honouring Indigenous People
Nov 18- Professor Cormack
Reflective Walk along Pelmewash on Monday August 2nd
Rotarians from Lake Country and Kelowna Sunrise Clubs joined together on the civic holiday to reflect on and honour our local traditional indigenous history and culture. The group came together at the south end of the Pelmewash at the Four Foods Chief indigenous sculpture, one of three sculptures erected in late 2020 along this popular local pathway. These pieces, which were designed by Clint George of the Penticton Indian Band and Les Louis of the Similkameen Indian Band, tell traditional stories of the Okanagan people.  Here's a link to a local article with more details on the sculptures.
The Rotarians took turns reading all 94 Calls To Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.
Engaging, meaningful conversation was shared at each location. Many of the Sunrise Rotary members are members of HIP – Honouring Indigenous People – a Rotary initiative started by fellow Rotarians from Ontario. Many Rotary clubs have joined HIP to better educate their members on Indigenous traditions, history and culture. On Thursday Oct. 21st our club will enjoy a presentation on HIP so be sure to attend!
Here is a link to Rotary International’s DIVERSITY EQUITY INCLUSION statement which our club stands by.
The event was organized by Lake Country Rotarian Sarah de Leeuw and her committee. Thank you Sarah, for bringing us together to honour and reflect at a time when there is much division, pain and confusion in our vast country. 
Rotary Bursary Program
Rotary is committed to serving youth and helping to develop future community leaders.  Each year, the Rotary Club of Lake Country provides bursaries to graduating high school students from Lake Country to help continue their post-secondary education. 
Bursary decisions are based on the students' academic achievement, record of community service, and financial need.
A bursary was awarded in July, 2020 to Erin Courtney, who graduated from the Okanagan College Residential Construction Program.  Erin will be using the funds 'to purchase some tools and clothing required for work and to help offset the cost of child care for two young children.'
The 2020 recipients of Rotary Bursaries from George Elliot High School are Madeline Muir, Ben Bannister and Leonie Steigenberger.
Congratulations to all our Bursary recipients.
What is Rotary?
It's a leadership organization!
We're made up of individuals from all walks of life who come together to serve our local and international community. 
We meet regularly, get to know each other, form friendships, and through that, we're able to get things done in the community!
Our Vision:
Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.
Welcome to our Club

Make Friends Through Rotary

Have you got enough friends already?  If not, consider joining Rotary. 
Rotary members are friendly, co-operative and committed to making a difference.  Weekly breakfast meetings provide opportunities for members to socialize and discuss actions to put our principles of "service above self" into practice in the community.   Social events are also scheduled throughout the year to enable members to relax and have fun!
Rotarians are the kind of people you want to have as friends!

Rotary Gets Things Done through Community Service! 

Lake Country Rotary Club’s latest mini library installed this past week at Cadence makes three local Rotary mini libraries.  There are similar Rotary libraries at Oyama Hall and at the Lake Country Museum in Okanagan Centre.  Two of Rotary’s eight global goals are to increase literacy and to help the environment.  Mini book recycling neighbourhood libraries are a way to make progress toward those goals.        
Rotarians Shaun Lesowski, Urs Bruhin, Leah MacKenzie-Brown, Brett McClelland, Jim Robertson, Brenda Dewonck, Wendy Caban, Sandy Wightman, and our newest member Don Kawano dug the hole and concreted the post on day and installed the library the following day.
 The libraries are made in Rotarian Sandy Wightman’s home shop.
Lake Country Rotary is an active local club of women and men who believe in “Service above self”. We do multiple projects in lake Country and Internationally. If you are interested in Community Service and fun check out our website or our Facebook page. Lake Country is looking for more neighbourhoods that would like their own mini library.
In 2016, the Rotary Club of Lake Country handed over a new building as a permanent home for the Lake Country Food Bank.  It was a five-year, million dollar project, with three-quarters of the total value achieved through donations of skills, land and money.
Our Club continues to help the Food Bank provide food assistance to vulnerable people in our community.  We've helped fund the construction of a new regional food recovery centre in the newly renovated basement and have partnered with other local Rotary Clubs to purchase a pallet stacker to improve the processing of food donations.
We've also collaborated with Save-On Foods to introduce a new shopping card sales program to benefit the Food Bank.  When people purchase a Rotary/Save-On Foods shopping card, 8 percent of the value of each gift card currently goes to our local food bank with no cost to you!   The 8 percent sponsorship, provided by Save-On Foods, is currently being matched by a private donor for a limited time.   
We would like to continue the benefit from Save-On Foods gift card sales at current levels, and invite local businesses and individuals to become a 1 percent sponsor.  Sponsors will be recognized in the program ads and be eligible for a charitable tax receipt.
Purchase your Rotary Save-On Foods Card at any of the approved vendors listed below or Email: or contact your favourite Rotarian 🥰 
The cards can be used at any Save-On Foods Store.
Our newest project is focussed on raising funds to help construct a new fishing pier and accessible kayak launch on the Pelmawash Parkway, in partnership with the District of Lake Country.
The Club is also helping to build hiking trails locally, and internationally helping to wipe out polio, to educate street kids in Honduras, and to supply pure water to villages in Ethiopia.
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Please consider joining the Rotary Club of Lake Country today. Together with your fellow members, you’ll be an integral part of building a stronger community. Your impact will be visible to all, and will provide a feeling of gratification that can’t be matched.
To obtain further information about Rotary membership or attending one of our upcoming meetings or social events, please  email
Club Fundraisers
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