Posted by Dave Colquhoun on Sep 28, 2018

Kudos to everyone: we successfully completed three events in the past week!

On Saturday, Team ‘Wild Goose Chase’, comprised of Monika, Nathan, Tom, Daphne and Dave, took part in the first ever Rotary Fox Hunt, at Stuart Park, to raise funds for JoeAnna’s House.  The scavenger hunt took place over a 90-minute period and tested our agility and ingenuity to solve several physical challenges and puzzles.  Sadly, our team did not finish among the top three teams. However, we did have a lot of fun and won a set of gold Rotary ball caps as a consolation prize for being the first team to register!  smiley 

Find a magnifying glass and you may see us in the back row of the group photo above.

The second event in our string was a blood donor clinic, on Wednesday, at George Elliot High School.  We had a great turn-out of Rotary members to work as volunteers and to donate a pint.  According to the event coordinator, Lydia Petrosic, it was a five-star performance.  In her thank you note she says,

“The folks from Rotary were seasoned pros and ready to do anything with a lot of enthusiasm. There was also a nurse visiting from France who had previously volunteered with Rotary while living here... yes, she actually took time out of her holiday to volunteer. Everyone I spoke with in refreshments and the team members outside with balloons were absolutely fantastic. It truly was a joy to meet them and have them at the event.”

And to cap things off, the event produced 83 blood donations, exceeding the target set by Canadian Blood Services.  Thanks to Tom and Jim for their efforts to promote the event and recruit volunteers.  We look forward to helping with the next Lake Country blood donor clinic on December 19.


The third event in the triple-header saw us cooking hot dogs at the Okanagan Rail Trail celebration event, on Thursday, at the Oyama Boat Launch.  We are proud that the District of Lake Country asked us to be part of this celebration to open this truly remarkable trail which connects communities in our valley in the most beautiful setting imaginable.