Posted by Monika Speitelsbach on Dec 08, 2017
A merry band of 16 members were in attendance for the 2017/18 AGM. While AGMs are not known to rock the casbah, our own Dan the man Sigal provided a page worth of AGM funnies! 
The AGM in a nutshell
Committee Reports
Youth Exchange 
Rory Allport and Lily Robinson are outbound to Denmark and Finland respectively next year. Host families needed for our inbound student.
Community Service
It was an active year with Canada Day being a full day this year. Our $30,000 in gaming funds supports many local organizations in Lake Country. The committee is looking at possible projects: working with DLC on Swalwell Park concession stand; Food Bank in need of a pellet lift; hands on Rail Trail project; Pelmewash project.
International efforts include Ethiopia water project (former exchange student Thomas), Shelter Box and the Honduras early childhood stimulation project (in conjunction with Ogopogo & Sunrise).
Facebook and online portals used this year for Ladies Movie Night, Canada Day & sharing the magic of Rotary e.g. guest speakers. We ran ads in The View for major events and a Canada Day thank you press release and added club meeting info in the recurring events section. Also new, an online ad on the LC Chamber website.
PR projects for the upcoming year:
  • posting link to e-bulletin on Facebook 
  • Facebook ads: membership focus
  • branding: club shirts
  • newspaper column/feature in The View
  • highway sign refresh
  • social media 101 hands on presentation with Rotaract’s Kate K.
Past President
Focus on membership. It is every Rotarians responsibility to encourage membership growth.
Society’s Act action-Ken has updated bylaws in order to qualify for gaming. Ken will post the bylaws, budget and supporting documents on clubrunner. There will be a test to see who reviewed it!
And now for the moment you've all been waiting for...(drum roll please)
Nomination of officers/directors:
Your motley crew for 2018/19
  • president: Dave C.
  • pp: Bernard D.
  • president elect: (fill in your name here)
  • secretary: Brenda D.
  • treasurer: Margaret B.
  • youth exchange: Judy G.
  • dictators directors at large: Michael, Monika, Corey
Other business
Bernard was Rotarisplained (the act of explaining to a Rotarian it just makes sense for that Rotarian to carry on in a role they did not intend to take on in the first place) into foundation chair.