Posted by Judy Guido on Apr 26, 2018
Today, the Rotary Club of Lake Country distributed over 20,000 dollars in gaming funds to local community organizations.
John Grimes, executive director of Kelowna and District Safety Council (KDSC) expressed his appreciation, stating that KDSC is a small group of people whose passion is safety.  The funds received will ensure ongoing education and skill training for people of all ages.
Dev Fraser, president of Walk Around Lake Country (WALC) share their mission statement, ‘To develop and promote walking trails in and around Lake Country.’  This year’s funds are being used for trail head signage on Spion Kop and in particular, the Upper Lakes trail head.  
Kathy Butler, executive director of the Okanagan College Foundation expressed her gratitude for Rotary support, which helps overcome the financial barrier to higher education for many individuals.  Our support has been a contributing factor in the 9.4 million dollars put into the hands of students.
Ross Bischoff, vice principal of George Elliot Secondary School and Thom Killingsworth, president of the dry grad committee, said without funding, there are promising students who would have to miss out on pursuing music and band training and experience and others who would miss out on the Dry Grad weekend activities.
Chris Shield, president of the Oyama Community Club, reminded us that OCC has been in existence since 1914 as a non-political, non-sectarian community center for the people.  The funds received will be used for much needed site upgrading.
Elaine Gibbons and Jenny Wilkinson, board members, volunteers and mainstays of the Community Hall Association of Okanagan Centre, accepted funds directed toward replacement of the 100 year old floor.  This volunteer group is comprised of nine residents of Okanagan Centre whose tireless efforts continue to keep the Centre Hall, ‘A place where people gather’.  Whether you are planning a wedding, family reunion or some other special occasion, Okanagan Centre Hall may be the perfect venue for your event.
  • Rotary at work day with WALC on Saturday, April 28.  Meet at Upper Lakes trail head at 9 am.  Bring work gloves, water, hard rakes, and lopping pruners.
  • Lake Country Blood Donor Clinic on Wednesday, May 9 at George Elliot Secondary School 10:00 am to 3 p.m.
  • Volunteer Fair on May on Saturday, May 26 ‘A Celebration of Volunteers & Community Spirit’, at Lake Country Community Complex, 10241 Bottom Wood Lake Road, Lake Country.
  • George Elliot Dry Grad BAGGED BREAKFAST fundraiser.  Friday, April 27 from 7 am to 9 am.  Drive through Husky gas station and pick up your breakfast.  One lucky person will find a $300 gift certificate for a TELUS hotspot for your vehicle.