Posted by Kathryn Battrum on May 19, 2022
May has been a busy month as our members have been active with several community projects within Lake Country.
Winfield Cemetery Spring Clean-up
President Kayla thanked our members who helped the Lake Country Lion’s Club complete a spring clean-up at the Winfield Cemetery on May 14.  This is the second year that this cooperative venture has occurred.  Kudos to Carol, Monika, Nathan, Rich, Andrew, Shaun, Jim T, and Riley (Margaret's grandson) for their assistance.
Lake Country Museum Annex Project
Past President Sandy has been leading a Club project to expand the annex of the Lake Country Museum to create additional space for museum displays and a casual coffee/eating area for the Museum's bistro. Club volunteers are installing new walls and windows to create a completely enclosed space for these activities.
So far, members have logged about 150 hours of construction and 60 hours pre-construction since mid-April.  The new walls have been framed and new window installation is in progress.
The next steps include:
  • Completion of window installation.
  • Exterior building paper
  • Caulk balance of exterior plywood to the concrete floor
  • Foam insulate window &framing gaps
  • Install exterior bottom wall flashings
Good company and a continuous stream coffee and snacks have kept our volunteers happy and well nourished. 😊
Guest Speaker: Jackie Goode, Lake Country Community Fridge  
The Lake Country Community Fridge Project was launched in October 2021 to provide safe, 24/7 access to free food for those in the community who needed it. “The idea is ‘Take what you need, leave what you can.’ Those that need nutritious food can help themselves, and members of the community are welcome to contribute what they are able.”
The plan for this started in July 2021. Jackie was working with an outreach group looking for a new venue and found that there was a community fridge group in Kelowna.  She helped to extend their reach by creating a community fridge in Lake Country and is seeking funding while having found a location at the United Church in Winfield. 
A lot of people are using the fridge now – her presentation featured thank-you notes from parents and children alike. 
Sponsors include the Winfield United Church, Dist. Lake Country, Coast Appliances, Home Depot, Goode Properties, Fine Point electric, Roof Centre, EnGedi, Xibita, Valley First, Interior Savings, LC Compost, Turtle Bay IT services, OK Hardwood Flooring, IGA, LC Food Assistance Society.
The Community Fridge received a Community Service Provider of the Year award from the Chamber of Commerce in Marc, 2022 for their work in 2021.
Someone in Penticton heard about the Fridge and reached out.  Subsequently, the Lions Club there built their own Fridge in Penticton. 
There have been some unfortunate incidents; the heater has been stolen twice, but good Samaritans have stepped up and donated replacements.  However, the positivity always outweighs the issues.
We can help by dropping off food, donating money, using Save-On cards to guy groceries to donate or by donate gift cards!
If you want to donate, use Facebook @lccfridge, or email