Shaun was born/raised in Cherryville on a cattle ranch.  He had an old town site called ‘Hilton’ which included a boardwalk and storefronts!  In the last 1800s the original owner had tied apples to poplar trees and sent the pics back to England to entice buyers to buy land there for agriculture.
Shaun got into horticulture at age 18; studies at Kwantlen Poly. and then worked at Golf & Country Club, moving on to building golf courses.  Joined local government, met his wife; and got opportunity to build parks department here.  Continues his education on an ongoing basis.
A strong community background led him to Rotary, and he joined our club as a way to help give back to the community.  He is an outdoors person, including fishing, golfing and watersports. 
His son is finishing up university, and Shaun hopes to have more family time with him once he has graduated.  Shaun loves to cook and make meals for the family.  His wife works for Century Lane Kitchens (34 years) as office manager/controller.  She works out, plays volleyball; they have 2 dogs, and believes the dogs out-rank both Shaun and his son.
Shaun fishes whenever he can using his new boat (birthday present from his wife 3 years ago).  He had a pickerel fishing trip in the summer and caught some of the best fish he had ever eaten, at Robson, near Castlegar.  (There is sturgeon there as well).
Maria asked about when arena will open again; curling is open; arena is open but currently there are no washrooms or office space available.  Public programming should open up within the next few weeks.
He thinks the proudest moments of his life involve being part of his community – and he added, in case they read this summary on the Rotary Web Site, that he is also very proud of his wife and his son! 
Rich said we are very fortunate to have Shaun in our community and in our club!  We all agree. 
Short intro of Gary by Rich (REALLY short – Rich almost at a loss for words! But he recovered quickly😊) Gary transferred from Kelowna Now club, where he was a member last year. Gary is very interested in serving his Lake Country community.
Intro of Nancy by Maria; Nancy originally from Saskatchewan and now living in LC. 4 children for Nancy and her partner Wayne; career mostly in higher-ed; currently at UBCO as mgr. of Admissions and Awards.  Currently volunteers for CO Hospice Assoc. and Elder Dog Canada.  She is also interested in community service.
Kayla shared the Induction script inviting both Gary and Nancy to join us, which invitation was accepted by both.
Kayla reported that Sunday’s Yoga event at Predator Ridge was a successful, fun event and raised over $1000 for our Rotary Club!
Rotary Foundation Announcements by Margaret
Oct 24th World Polio Day – What can we do to raise some funds?  Send ideas to Margaret
Oct 16 – partnering with Lions club to clean up Winfield Cemetery behind B&G club, 9:00 a.m.  bring own gloves and gardening tools
Sad reflections on rear-enders to Jim’s vintage Jaguar (no one hurt except the beloved car); good reflections on how helpful the passers-by were; on travel to Ucluelet and Tofino; sad reflections by Monika on eye-health needs for senior dogs; happier reflections on cool eye-patches crafted for Scout by Brenda Dewonck; on surviving a Vancouver Island University reunion and family trip, but cutting the trip short for family crisis back home (which ended well); announcement of Fri. Feb. 25 at Beasley Park for next Lobster Crawl (send email to Judy if want to be part of the team); on having to miss the Yoga event on Sunday because of a face cyst.
Sheriff Monika:  Theme - Colonization and weird food – i.e.England! 
  • Named patron saints of England, Ireland and Scotland and Wales:  George, Patrick, Andrew, David;
  • 2 major English naval ports:  Portsmouth, Plymouth
  • The year that Walter Arnold of Kent received the first speeding ticket (invented in England) – 1896  - going 4x posted speed limit of 8 miles/hour
  • 1896 Zanzibar war lasted 38 minutes – shortest war in history
  • How many cups of tea do British drink per year – 100M/day, 60B/year
  • Most popular drink in Britain – gin
  • Shakespeare – words accredited to him as having been added to English vocabulary – 40K; words like gossip, rant, zany, alligator
  • British accent changes every 25 miles as you move across the county
  • Cockney rhyming slang – dog’n’bone = phone; trouble’n’strife = wife; adam’n’eve = believe; apples’n’pears = stairs