Induction of New Member Don Kawano
Introduced by Maria, Don was formerly in Rotary in Cranbrook and was the club president in 2013/14. He attended GESS from 1959-1965 and went to law school at UBC beginning his legal career in Dawson Creek. In 1985, He took a short sabbatical from law (referring to it as his MBA program) when he established Lake Country Orchards with a partner. He and his wife Linda now reside in Cadence at The Lakes in a house which is only a mile away from the farm where he grew up. Wendy Caban is his Rotary club sponsor. President Kayla made a short induction speech inviting Don to rejoin Rotary through our club.  Don accepted his club pin virtually and received virtual handshakes all around as he became our newest member!
Club 2021/22 Budget and Club Financial Statements for 2020/21 reviewed by our club Treasurer Jean=Marc. JM moved to approve financial statements for 2021-22 as presented; seconded by Sandy. Some discussion followed. JM offered access to the books to members interested. Kayla called for votes – both carried. A HUGE thank you to JM for all he does for our club! Go Habs!!!
Happy & Sad
  • Sandy – one of first 600K that got vax cert on line; Maria and Kathryn too
  • Maria happy with new member induction today
  • Don Happy because of granddaughter’s 8th b-day
  • Margaret bec. ArtWalk going ahead in different format
  • Ken because apples are now available for sale, good variety available
  • Dan with $480 happy dollars because all winners who have won so far have donated prizes back to Rotary
  • Jim, happy because his friend Stella is back from hiking Haida Gwai but sad because he didn’t go on the trip
  • JM put in $8.00 for missing 4 meetings
  • Sarah because Haida Gwai is where she grew up and she just returned from vacationing on the Island
  • Rich because fall has started out so nicely
  • Margaret sad bec. Oct. 16 concert cancelled due to Covid restrictions
  • Marsel happy to be celebrating 27th anniversary in Lake Country.
Sunshine by  Jim Taylor
Daphne C. b-day next week
Richard Brown on Sep. 22
Guido’s anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks
Margaret’s Foundation Moment
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Future Speaker Dates
September 16: Kari Alex. Sockeye salmon return to Okanagan Lake
Sept 23: Sarah de Leeuw Classification
Sept 30: no morning meeting; evening social 6:00 Upside Cidery
Oct 7: Shaun Lesowski
Oct 14: Club 25th series
Oct 21 Barb Penner & Stuart Lang. HIP Honouring Indigenous People
Nov 18- Professor Cormack