Posted on Oct 15, 2021
Past District Governor, Sherry Chamberlain, joined us this week via zoom to speak about Rotary’s initiative to strengthen our public image and brand. Sherry is the Public Image Lead for our District (5060) and does a lot of Rotary Foundation work as well.
Why is it important to improve Rotary’s public image? Because just knowing about Rotary often isn’t enough to spark people’s interest and spur them to get involved.
When people understand what Rotary does to make the world a better place, they may be motivated to support our efforts and get involved. Strengthening Rotary’s public image can help us attract members, volunteers, partners, and donors.
People's perception of Rotary comes from their experiences with our clubs and programs, along with the stories we tell and the images we share. It’s every member’s responsibility to help strengthen Rotary's brand.
Several key messages for improving Rotary’s public image emerged from Sherry’s presentation:
  • market our Rotary Clubs the same way as we would a product or service.
    • Publicize our projects and activities to influence how our club is perceived.
    • Share stories about how our Club’s projects affect the lives of people in our community.
    • Present our club as vibrant and our members as people of action.
  • Use consistent visual branding and communication strategies developed by Rotary International.
  • Members should be encouraged to talk about the benefits of being a Rotarian: friendship, personal gratification associated with participating in community service projects, professional networking, public speaking, leadership development, worldwide connections.
  • There are excellent training courses on marketing, social media skills, and public image available on the Rotary International website,
  • The new District 5060 marketing campaign – tag line is ‘connecting people with purpose’. is the public landing page. Additional member resources are available here. The site also has ‘join and find club’ buttons.
  • Grants for public image enhancements are also available.  Funding applications for specific projects can be submitted to
Sherry noted that our Club is doing better than most with respect to social media. She suggested joining Facebook groups – Lake Country Events, Lake Country BC, Lake Country Calendar to broaden our reach and community connections.
Bits n Pieces
  • Winfield Cemetery clean-up will go ahead on October 16 unless we experience a heavy rainfall. 11 Rotarians have volunteered. Meet at 9:00 at Winfield Cemetery. Take gardening gloves, a rake, clippers. Weed whackers and garbage bags will be provided.
  • Kathryn has requested that anyone interested in being involved in our 2022-23 Rotary executive please let her know. 😊