Posted by Judy Guido on Feb 15, 2018
Our guest Speaker this morning was Dr. Linda Kaplan, a Veterinarian at Tri Lake Animal Hospital.
Dr. Kaplan grew up in Lake Country and attended George Elliot High School.  Her first practice, started in 1985, was in her parent’s mud room. She started slowly and quietly learned as she went along, while building a small business in Oyama.  In response to the increased demand for veterinary services in Lake Country, she opened a new clinic, which has now become the four storey Animal Hospital on Powley Crt. 
Tri Lake is one of the only clinics in the Valley treating exotic animals along with other pets and farm animals. Linda told us that they have to ‘hit the books’ a lot to understand the anatomy of some of these exotics.  Just diagnosing is a big challenge as the client is unable to give feedback.  They have a full time, highly skilled surgeon at the practice and a full time Internal Medicine Doctor.  A Dermatologist and Physiotherapist are available part time.  They also have a CT Scan to do imaging and a part time Ophthalmologist.
There is no government support for Veterinary Clinics.  The expensive equipment and procedures required for veterinary services have necessitated corporate take overs of most clinics.  Currently, Tri Lake is owned by the MARS Corporation.
Dr. Kaplan emphasized that they do what they do out of passion and a desire to help and in many cases save the animals brought to them.
Announcements from Executive Meeting
  1. Decision to top up what was earned at Beans and Jeans to $3,000 for OK Centre Hall hardwood floor replacement.  The presentation of the funds will be in April.
  2. We were inspired by the speaker from our last meeting and have decided to follow the corporate sponsor model that was suggested.  A letter           is being drafted.
  3. Wine left over from Beans and Jeans Fundraiser will be offered to club members at cost.
  4. Brenda reminded us we can go on line with Club Runner, to Club Documents, to view all Executive Minutes.
Fun Stuff:
  1. Newest member Tanya, from the DOLC, won table stakes.
  2. President Bernard received a gift from Jim Taylor:  Tee shirt from Mexico which says, “I don’t need Google - My wife knows everything”. wink