Posted by Jim Taylor on Feb 22, 2018

Rotary had 100% attendance today -- every person there was

a Rotary member. No guests, no visitors, 11 regulars. 


Monika Jatel and Judy Guido entertained us for the first part of

the meeting by describing their weekend with the District's 50 or so

Youth Exchange students, both incoming and outgoing, in Revelstoke. They 

were joined by Patty Garrett. The three of them went on a lichen-picking

expedition -- something to do with wandering through the woods on

snowshoes plucking quantities of black hanging moss (which isn't moss)

off the trees to feed some local caribou. They collected a whole garbage

bag, and were gratefully thanked.


The Youth Exchange kids were chaperoned constantly. Had to leave

their bedroom doors open to avoid any, umm, intermingling. The system

worked fine except for one boy from Brazil who was somehow assigned a

room with two girls. He demonstrated his maturity by saying nothing

until departure time.


In other matters, president Bernard Dewonck announced that he and

Brenda would be going south for a week or so, and would leave things in

the care of one or more past presidents, which included at least half

the members present.


In the meantime, two other clubs have gotten on board in the quest

to raise enough funds to qualify for a District grant in support of the

Lake Country Food Bank's role as a central distribution point.


Bob Rymarchuk handed out posters promoting the 9 To 5 movie for

Ladies' Night. He recommends folding the posters in half. It's a

psychological tactic -- when people see half a page, they pick it up and

open it to see the rest of the message. If they can see a whole page at

once, they don't bother picking it up at all.


There was some discussion of having a male activity to go along

with the Ladies' movie -- everything from poker to whisky tasting.

Bernard offered to do personal research into the whisky tasting option

while in Mexico. wink