Hooray! Success! But more work coming…

(My apologies – Clubrunner has developed a new template for newsletters, and I haven’t figured out how to get it to do what I want!)
The good news is, “Wahooo! We Made It!”
The bad news is, we have to do it all over again in December, only better.
                Last Thursday at the regular weekly Rotary Club meeting, there was considerable discussion about the state of our application to the Aviva Fund for a grant of up to $100,000 for the Food Bank Building project. At that point, the first round of voting had ended. Our project had made it from 48th up into the top 15, but we had no official confirmation yet that we were moving on to the next round of voting.
                The next day, the news came through – yes, we have advanced to the semi-finals.
                There will be at least one more round of voting for another whole slate of projects. As of December 1, the final 120 projects will go through an elimination round. That gives us time to get more people committed to voting for the Food Bank.
                Bob Rymarchuk and Shannon Jorgenson noted that our project ended up with about 3200 votes, from 800 or so people. Simple math says that most of those people voted no more than four times; many probably voted only once and then forgot about it. If we could get all of those 800 to vote every day,  we would have had 12,000 votes!
                Shannon has plans for video promotions on FaceBook and YouTube. Monika is looking to get stories into all the local papers and broadcast outlets. Bob wants to get GESS behind us – 800 students voting every day would make a huge difference!
                For December, we need to get more people voting, and voting more often. Start encouraging your friends, your business associates, and your Christmas mailing list now.