Posted by Judy Guido on Mar 21, 2021
Patty Garrett spoke to us today about how Rotary has changed her life over the past 17 years and the many, many connections formed.
A little background. Patty was born in Oakville, ON. Her family then moved North and eventually to Sudbury where she lived for 14 years. She talked about her great upbringing on Ramsey Lake where she enjoyed summers sailing, canoeing, and picking blueberries.
She went to university in Sudbury where she obtained her nursing degree and then decided to move to Victoria, BC where she started her nursing career at the Royal Jubilee.
Her and her husband then just up and left for Winnipeg, where after two days, Parry secured a job as an intensive care nurse at The Victoria General Hospital in Winnipeg. But, then after 14 years of mosquitoes and cold, they decided to move back to BC.
Patty’s first Rotary Club was the Vernon Silver star. Her first opportunity at the club was as YEO.  After two years in that role, she was invited to join the district committee. It was in the role of Country Coordinator that Patty started to make connections. Patty attended the NAYEN (North America Youth Exchange Network) conference in Cancun declaring it the best Rotary convention she has ever been to. After attending it the then District Chair Richard Roche invited Patty to become his vice chair. Patty then shares at the annual Revelstoke Youth Weekend she came late for a meeting and found herself as District Chair.
Patty talked about her experiences with and connections with Youth Exchange Students around the world. She shares about being invited to sail on the Adriatic Sea with a former Youth Exchange Student from Germany and his family. She talked about her experiences in Finland with Eva Hemming a former student hosted by the club, where she was invited to the family summer home to experience a true Finnish Sauna and a guided tour. The experiences continue…
Patty also shared with us the possibility of a one-way Youth Exchange called The Power of One – African Exchanges. The mission of The Power of One is to grow the number of participants from African countries in the Rotary Your Exchange program. She has connected another former Youth Exchange student Thomas Scheuba who currently has a project of helping the local communities build cisterns. Thomas is connected with a Rotary Club in Ethiopia and is soliciting interest in youth in Ethiopia to do a one-way exchange.
Bits and Pieces
Mary Lou Wightman celebrated her birthday on Thursday by roasting hotdogs around bonfire with the grand kids.
Elaine and Rich Gibbons celebrated their 53-year anniversary with a wonderful meal at L’Isola Bella restaurant.
We were brought up to speed with trivia from our sheriff, Jim Robertson.  Did you know?:
  • The only food that does not spoil is honey.
  • There are more collect calls on Father’s Day than any other day of the year.
  • Good night—Sleep Tight--In the 1800s and early 1900s, mattresses were held on bed frames using a woven rope design. These ropes needed frequent tightening to ensure a taut, firm mattress for a good night's sleep. Hence, the phrase “sleep tight” was born.
  • The word Honeymoon came from an accepted practice in Babylon where the new son in law would be supplied with mead for a month after marriage.
Sandy received a message that we would have to move our supplies from the Sea can on Beaver Lake Road as the land is being developed. The Gibbons came to the rescue by letting us know that the Lake Country Museum is able to reorganize the space in their Sea can at Seaton park to make room for our supplies. Only in Rotary are solutions found so fast!
Margaret doing a bang-up job on 25th anniversary—collecting pictures from the early days or anything from the past. ¾ of charter members have been contacted and will be visiting and speaking with us. Send any archives Margaret’s way.
Sandy is collecting information about the club for a timeline. Send any information to Sandy.