Posted by Dave Colquhoun on Feb 25, 2019
With apologies to Adele, greetings from the other side (of the border) in a cool and damp Phoenix. 😊.  The past week has offered a little bit of everything:  freezing temperatures, thunder, lighting, hail and torrential rain.  Thankfully, warmer temperatures and sunshine are forecast for our final month in the desert, before we return home at the end of March.
February has been a relatively slow month for our Club, with many of our members escaping the record-breaking cold temperatures to warmer climates.  A few of our members are now back from their travels and the Club is gearing up for a flurry of activities in March and April.   I want to thank my deputy Presidents, Monika and Bernard, for keeping us on track during my absence.
For those members who are or have been away, below is a very short summary of what ‘what’s going on’ in the Club:
Rotary Bursary Presentations
On January 30, our own Jim Robertson presented Rotary bursaries in the amount of $3 thousand to Michael Burnham and Carolyn Huag, who are recent graduates of the Okanagan College Residential Trades Program. Okanagan College trades students played a huge role in the construction of the new Lake Country Food Bank.
Exchange Students
Our inbound exchange student, Nando, had an enjoyable weekend in the mountains with district 5060 youth exchange students, from February 15 to 19, in the company of Monika and past presidential pup, Scout.  I’ve heard that Nando shone on international skit night.
Meanwhile, our outbound exchange student, Rory is continuing to enjoy her exchange year in Denmark.
New Community Service Project
The Club has been approved for a $500 District Grant to install plywood walls and new shelving in the basement of the Okanagan Centre Hall.  Our Club is matching the District funds and will leading this project with the help of the Okanagan Centre Hall volunteers.  The project will be initiated sometime in May, when the weather warms up.
Canada Day
Planning is also underway for another full day Canada Day celebration at Swalwell Park.  We have received confirmation of sponsorship grants from Heritage Canada and the District of Lake Country and are currently seeking Corporate Sponsors to help us with expenses.  The event will once again feature our traditional Rotary pancake breakfast and include a full stage entertainment program extending from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.
Enlightening Speaker
Fresh from her trip to Australia our own Judy Guido talked to us February 21 about tools and techniques for better living. The Inner Peace Movement is about trusting oneself and growing our inner potential. Give someone the tools to thrive and get out of their way! Much like Rotary 😉.  
More info at: Okanagan Valley Inner Peace Movement of Canada