Posted by Monika Speitelsbach on Aug 11, 2017

Today we were fortunate to have Ogopogo Rotarian Mandy Hicks update the club on a project we supported:  the Early Childhood Stimulation Project in Honduras. 

The Global Grant on the Tegucigalpa Early Childhood Development/Educational Training of Mothers has been a success. The program in a nutshell: 

·        provide Early Childhood Stimulation (ECS) for 100 children 0-5 years of age

·        provide mothers/care givers training in ECS, nutrition, reproductive health, paternal responsibility, disease prevention & child growth development

·        families involved in the program also have access to a not for profit organization called Alternatives y Oportunidades (AyO) and their umbrella services

Mandy and fellow Ogopogo Rotarian Cathy Goheen travelled to Honduras to audit the program in April. Both were impressed with the state of the finances and the human impact.  

Results of the Global Grant (18 month program):

·        30 Mother Leaders from prior program involved in educating others

·        10 more Mother Leaders being trained

·        Mother's knowledge base grew from 24-39% to 92-96%

·        fewer children needing nutritional supplements

·        improvement in children's motor/language/social and cognitive skills


Another Way to Help Honduras

Help Honduras is a Canadian charity that accepts donations for student scholarships through the AyO programs in Tegucigalpa as well as a separate (but similar) scholarship program in Santa Barbara, Honduras. 

Student scholarships available:

·        Preschool/Kindergarten/Primary School Students: $180/year

·        Secondary School Students (grades 7–12): full year $300/year

·        Secondary School Students (grades 7-12): ½ year $150/year

·        Vocational Student: $350/year                                                                          

·        University Student: $350/year                                                                               

·        Secondary Student Santa Barbara: $250/year   

For more information, please visit