Posted by Dave Colquhoun on Sep 28, 2017
Our Club was well represented on Tuesday evening at the social event for District Governor, Bill Jenkin, at the Rotary Centre for the Arts.
Bill lives in Prosser, in Washington State, and is the owner/operator of Prosser Vineyards and Winery and a member of the State House of Representatives. The ‘cluster meeting’ at the Rotary Centre was arranged to allow him to meet collectively with local Rotary members to learn more about our local projects, and discuss how he could help us achieve our goals as District Governor.
The Three C’s
Bill was very complimentary about the accomplishments of local Rotary Clubs, and specifically mentioned the Rotary Centre for the Arts, the Rotary Marshes Project, Rotary Beach and our own Lake Country Food Bank Project as showcase projects.  He shared with us that three overarching themes would be the focus for his term as District Governor -  commitment, challenge and change.
Commitment and challenge refer to continuing the good work that our Clubs do to support worthy community causes and continuing to grow our membership. 
Change is something that we’ve discussed recently at our Club meetings.  Bill challenged us to experiment and try new ways of doing things, to have fun and attract new members, particularly the younger age demographic.  The decision to hold a ‘cluster meeting’ between the DG and local clubs is an example of change that he believes will foster improved communication and collaboration within Rotary.
Bill also talked briefly about the distinction of ‘being in Rotary’ and ‘becoming a Rotarian.’ He told us a story about how as a struggling entrepreneur, he donated a $100 to fund the purchase of a wheelchair for a disabled child.  After receiving a thank you card and photo from the child, he experienced a feeling of gratification and bond with Rotary which has carried forward to today.
This story resonated with me and made me think of numerous times when I’ve felt good about being a Rotarian. It would be interesting to hear from each of you what your first significant Rotary experience has been.
District Grants Capital Projects
The availability of District funding of new capital projects was also discussed.  Bill confirmed that District Grants, usually up to $10 thousand, are available for local projects.  Partnerships and co-funding of proposed community projects between Clubs are encouraged when applying for District Grants.  In small group discussions, the proposed Lake Country Food Bank expansion, the Peachland Public Pier project, and Joanna’s House for KGH patients and families were identified by local Presidents as examples where partnerships should be considered.
Next Meeting
For those Rotarians who are longing for Louise’s cinnamon buns and butter tarts this morning, do not despair! Our normal Thursday breakfast meetings will resume on October 5, at Holiday Park.  Mandy Hicks will be joining us to discuss our potential participation in a Global Grant application for Honduras.  We will receive also an update on the Lake Country Food Bank expansion project.