Our first meeting of the year was at the Cream and Bean in Lake Country. The room was a buzz with everyone’s tales and stories of their holiday time.   One of our newest members from the District, Matt, was welcomed to his first meeting! He seemed to enjoy the lively banter!  A few spouses also attended. The food and service were exceptional, as usual. The program was mostly fellowship and catching up with everyone.

Tom was going to Australia via Singapore for some pet sits and Monika was off to New Zealand!

President Bernard and Mme Secretary did bring up our latest endeavors; Beans and Jeans at the Okanagan Centre Hall Jan. 27 and got commitment from the club members, formed a committee, and we are moving forward! The ideas are flowing now!!

Ladies Movie Night is April 14/18 with the movie ‘Nine to Five.’ An eighties movie yet somehow very appropriate to what is happening now!!! A 'Save the date' will be going out the first of February. We also need someone to head up the evening who will get lots of help from last years 'template' and club members. Broken down into 'bite size' chores it is all very doable! Remember to volunteer to do your part!

Creekside is in charge of promoting and selling the tickets, so we need to make sure all our contacts know to go online or to Creekside to book! (one less chore for us!)

Many lingered until 9:00 as we wished everyone well on their travels and enjoyed the ambience. A wonderful start to 2018!