Special guest presenter PDG Peter Shultz “Innovative Club Advocate”
Peter was welcomed to our meeting to speak to us on ‘Innovation and Attraction’
The objective is to help clubs attract and retain new members.  Membership in Rotary has been declining for several years.  Our club’s attraction rate is about 31%, which is higher than the District, but our attrition rate is about 27%, when the District attrition rate is about 16%.
The point to take away today – we need to be intentional about our club and our meetings; can’t just think about how it worked in the past without an honest reflection about the future.
Value is the entire story in a Rotary club – if a person sees value, they will join the club and they will stay.  The cost of being a Rotarian is about $1200 / year; if there is value seen in that for a new member, then the club is in good shape.  If there is value, then what remains is marketing, and we in Rotary need to get better at Marketing – Peter is trying to help Rotarians Grow Rotary. 
Seniors are key additions to the club, but millennials are the future – so what do they want?  They want to spend time with their friends, to be active, to learn new things, to be outside, to travel, and to do something philanthropic.  What do we have in our meetings to offer them?  Do they want to sing the anthem, share a meal, donate money?  We don’t know – we should ask.
Peter has been involved in starting new clubs and encourages ‘Chapter 1’ club – chapter 1 of Rotary Manual of Procedures – “Guiding Principles” – motto, 4-way test, object of Rotary and underlying values which make us who we are. – Diversity, service, leadership, integrity, and fellowship.  He spoke about how his latest club, “Rotary Now” worked – it was quite different from our own. 
Peter asked us to think about whether our meetings were fun or not.  ‘ICB’s are Increased Cognition Breaks’ – ways to break-up meetings that are too ‘fixed’. 
He encouraged us to engage members by allowing them to bring up their ‘passion’ projects, using service as an opportunity for social, being hands-on every month, being social every month, and having regular meetings.
He reminded us that there is nothing in Rotary that says we have to do more each year than we did the year before. 
He suggested that the world of Rotary will never be the same after Covid – 7 lessons learned:
1. It isn’t the meal that makes the Rotary meeting
2. Your club’s digital image is no longer an option! (good graphics, sense of fun, fellowship, service) Consider paying a monthly stipend to an Interact student to keep us up-to-date
3. Rotary must be proactive!  We can no longer expect members to find us.
4. Members, guests and speakers can join your meeting from all over the world; rethink membership requirements – members leaving community may not need to leave the club – these directives come from the club bylaws, not the District;
5. We never know who will be dropping into our meetings.  Diversity, equity and inclusion have NEVER been more important;
6. Technology can affect the delivery;  consider ‘fun factor’; consider investing in equipment to make hybrid meetings effective;
7. Get creative with your Speaker Series in ways you could not before!
With above values and product, let’s sell the membership idea!  We did not need a pandemic to tell us we needed to tune-up our digital presence.  Get a committee to focus on digital image. Check out the many new Public Image resources on our D5060 website: https://portal.clubrunner.ca/50005/ Host Business Mixer After-Hours – perhaps with Chamber of Commerce.  Have an interesting speaker with short message.  Get sponsors for door prizes, food/drinks.  These are Hallmarks of innovative clubs. 
View Peter's entire presentation on Vimeo here:  https://vimeo.com/520172707
Dan our “Golfather” presented us with some "hot off the press" results from his 2021 Golf Draft:
185 teams, $1800 raised for our club and $3850 in prize money handed out!!!
19 Rotarian teams: Patty’s team came in 8th and earned $180, Kayla’s team earned $155, Margaret’s team won BEST TEAM NAME for “Weapons of Grass Destruction”, Kathryn’s team won a Starbuck’s gift certificate.
Get your team together for our 2022 draft – just $30 per team!
Sheriff Kathryn, with her Nautical Trivia, had a hard time stumping Rich and Sandy! Did you know…
1 nautical mile = 1.5 miles
Cigarette boats run at 1000 hp or higher!
White running light on a boat is placed at the stern.
Harmsworth is known as the original speedboat trophy race – started at 19.5 mph and ended at 116 mph