Our club’s very first Rotary Exchange Student (1996/97) Mario Torrano visited our club in July and gave us an update on his life in Mexico. Mario certainly has done well in his career after graduating in 2003 with a degree in biology with a specialty in Terrestrial Ecology. He worked in various environmental positions for companies on the gulf side of Mexico and in 2018, with his partner Monica, he started their own environmental business Alya Natura – Environmental Consulting “Hand in hand with nature”. Mario and Monica enjoy many outdoor activities including the beach and ocean (of course), cycling, soccer, daytripping, socializing with family and friends. Our club let Mario know that he is welcomed in Lake Country anytime!
Rotarian and past club president Dave Colquhoun presented our members with another classification talk letting us know of his journey from the Kingston area of Ontario to Calgary where he worked as a planning mangager for Calgary Transit while their LRT sysem was being developed and built, to his most recent move to Lake Country. Dave and Daphne enjoy travelling back to Calgary to visit their son Brian, his wife and grandson Lochlann. What brought Dave to LC Rotary was the opportunity for SERVICE to his new community and meeting new friends and this is still what keeps Dave in Rotary today. We are so glad to have you in our club Dave!
Bursaries & Scholarships
RCLC awards bursaries and scholarships to students at GESS, OK College and UBCO. 2021 cheque presentations were made recently at all three by our club Scholarships/Bursaries Chair Jim Robertson.
Bursaries fall under the umbrella of Rotary's Youth Services objectives and are meant to reward students who have achieved good academic grades and have a record of community service.   The objectives of the program are to support the development of future community leaders, raise awareness of Rotary among graduating students and hopefully attract new Rotary members.  
OK College bursaries were established in 2016 to recognize the valuable contribution of students who were enrolled in the Residential Trades program in building the LC Food Bank.  A crew of trades students, supervised by their instructor and Tom Roth, undertook the construction of the foundation and framing for the Food Bank. 
The UBCO bursary was established in recent years in order to build a connection and relationship with our local university and the students working, studying and living in our community.
Plan to attend: RCLC Reconciliation Walk along Pelmewash on MON. AUG. 2ND starting at 8AM. More details to come next week! Rotarians and guests are welcome to attend.
Rotary Trivia by Sandy & Monika
It was in 1858 that two colonies – Vancouver Island and British Columbia – were formed. The two colonies merged in 1866 and in 1871 the province of BC was formed. At that time only Caucasian men with property could vote!
Statistically there is a small window where females earn more than their male counterparts. What criteria must be met?  She cannot be married, have children or be over 40
What’s the official phone number for Canada? 1-800-0-CANADA
The most common last name in Canada? Smith
Lobster Trivia! 
Lobsters are cannibalistic
To find and taste food, lobsters use chemosensory leg and foot hairs
How many pounds per square inch can a lobster exert pressure? 100 lbs
In an effort to keep money in the lobster industry, a university of Maine professor created a biodegradable sport equipment made of lobster shells – golf balls!
Drivers lining up to receive their lobster dinners receive a friendly welcome from Nathan Lovejoy. (Jim Taylor - Contributed)
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