Posted by Trish Lugrin on Nov 06, 2017


This morning's meeting was attended by seventeen of our own Rotary members plus a visiting Rotarian. Judi Wallace, a member of the Ogopogo club was also our guest speaker. Her topic was "Laughing Yoga". 

It seems while Judi was recovering from Cancer she was introduced to this form of therapy and was so impressed she went on to become a teacher/instructor for others. The benefits are huge! While enjoying laughter for ten to twenty minutes, it boosts our killer cells to promote healing. This is a good technique for cancer survivors as well as someone recovering from the flu or other forms of illness. The form of Laughter Yoga is considered an aerobic exercise so it also releases endorphin's and burns calories. Judi put us through a series of laughter exercises and techniques as she explained that practicing laughter on a regular basis helps to build greater pain tolerance. The room rocked with laughter! 

Other announcements from President Bernard follows. A sign up sheet was passed around for anyone able to attend the November 11th services at GESS. The hope is that we have a good representation of Rotary members attending and sitting together. Please contact the President if you did not sign up but are able to attend. 

Our Christmas party date has been set for Friday December 8th, six p.m. at Holiday Park more details to follow. 

Looking forward to our spring fundraiser of the Ladies Movie night. The date will be April 21st, 2018 we need to form a committee of volunteers a.s.a.p. 

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