Posted by Dave Colquhoun on Oct 24, 2019
So, you're a little bit older and a lot less bolder
Than you used to be
So, you used to shake 'em down
But now you stop and think about your dignity
So now sweet sixteens turned thirty-one
You get to feelin' weary when the workdays done
Well all you got to do is get up and into your kicks
If you're in a fix
Come back baby
Rock and roll never forgets
You better get yourself a partner
Go down to the concert or the local bar
Check the local newspapers
Chances are you won't have to go too far
Yeah, the rafters will be ringing cause the beat's so strong
The crowd will be swaying and singing along
And all you got to do is get in into the mix
If you need a fix
Come back baby
Rock and roll never forgets
Bob Seger – Rock and Roll Never Forgets
Reading these lyrics by Bob Seger reminded me that there’s nothing quite like a good rock and roll dance to bring people together to have fun and raise money for a good cause.  This was clearly illustrated on October 19, when the Club held our first- ever rock and roll social to raise funds toward our new project - the construction of a new fishing pier and kayak launch on the Pelmawash Parkway. For some of us who are older than 31, it was like stepping way back in time to high school and college days, when rock and roll ‘ruled’, and social dances were common.
Good rock and roll makes people want to get up and dance.  On this occasion, the 100-plus people in attendance experienced some of the finest rock music in the valley as Rann Berry and the Time Machine performed a medley of the best rock music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  The dance floor was full for most of the night as people got up to shake, rattle and roll.   Attendees also had an opportunity to bid on some great silent auction prizes.
I think that most people would agree that the event rated highly on the fun scale.  It was also a success from a financial perspective as we raised $3400 toward the fishing pier project.
Thanks to all Rotarians who helped to make this fundraiser a success!  Let’s make this an annual event. 😊