Posted by Monika Speitelsbach on Jan 17, 2020
Snow is in the air, it's the start of a new year and thoughts naturally turn to...budgets!  District of Lake Country budgets to be specific.
Tanya Garost, Ruth Sulentich and Greg Buchholz from the District of Lake Country attended our meeting this week to provide an overview of what's in store for 2020 and beyond.
Lake Country has experienced tremendous population growth over the past 10 years, with a spike beginning in 2004.  This growth has sparked a need for improvements in community policing, transportation, culture and recreation services.
Lake Country is in a unique situation relative to our larger neighbor – the City of Kelowna, in that the cost of growth are largely borne by residential property owners.   Lake Country has a 93% residential tax base with annual budget of $34 million while Kelowna has about 60 percent residential tax base with a budget of $150 to $200 million.  A one percent tax increase in Lake Country generates $135 thousand in revenue whereas a one percent increase in Kelowna yields $1.4 million.
DOLC staff have presented a prioritized list of new budget requests to Council members and are conducting a public engagement process to receive input on the proposed 2020 municipal budget.
Do you have questions about the budget? The process? Didn't make the meeting today? Check out the "Let's Talk" dates/locations listed at and in the picture below.