Posted by Bernard Dewonck on Aug 15, 2018

On August 9, the club welcomed visiting Rotarian Walter Zuk of the Calgary Heritage Park Club, guest speaker Duane Thompson, as well as guests Dee Hansen and Ivan (grandson of club members Ken and Judy Guido).



Duane Thompson, President of the Lake Country Heritage and Cultural Society, which operates the Lake Country Museum, presented an update on the Society’s activities.


One of its more visible exposures is in the form of 10 heritage and history information panels located along the Rail Trail. The Society is looking for sites along the trail within the Lake Country section to develop kiosks encompassing several heritage displays. These kiosks may also be duplicated on sites in other jurisdictions along the trail.


Currently the Society receives $35,000 annually from the District of Lake Country to support its programs, part time employees and volunteers. Duane personally hopes to see this amount doubled in order to facilitate the hiring of some permanent staff. He also hopes to see the museum’s infrastructure, profile and accessibility improve.


In its current location in Okanagan Centre the museum is somewhat out of the way and therefore, does not benefit from the traffic flow through the central part of Lake Country. The building is also very old and is a potential fire hazard. Ideally, the museum could achieve a much higher profile if located along Main Street and it hopes to attract a benefactor to help create a cultural centre to service both residents of the fast-growing community and the numerous tourists who spent time in the area, particularly during the summer.




Lake Country has a rich and diverse history that deserves to be both preserved and communicated. There are a number of families still living and working here whose roots go back to the earliest days of the area’s development.


In the meantime, the Society conducts fundraising activities such as publication of a booklet on the history and development of transportation in the Okanagan. It will be sponsoring a dance on September 29, in Oyama, featuring Scottish and Ukrainian styles. Outreach activities are being focused on school curricula, such as a booklet of agriculture in the central Okanagan, for use in School Districts 22 and 23.