Lots and lots of information to share in this bulletin, even a couple of attachments (assuming they go through)

1. Clean-up Work Party this coming Tuesday

                We are doing a clean -up of our storage container located on the side of Beaver lake Road (just beyond, east of,  the former tracks) on Tuesday Feb 10th. We will meet there at 10:00a.m. (unless the weather is totally inclement in which case we will send an email to cancel).
                We need willing hands with gloves, trucks, as this will involve trips to the dump, and some light sources. Lanterns would be best as it is quite dark at the back of the container.
                At this point we are just getting rid of all the 'old' unused stuff that has accumulated for years. On a different day we will organize and catalogue what remains.
                Any help would be appreciated. At this point we have 3 trucks and 9 volunteers. The more hands the less time it will take!!

2. Only two months left before Sip Sample & Savour night

                We need to get donations coming for the silent auction. You’ll find a donation request letter attached to this bulletin (I hope). If not, get in touch with me, Jim Taylor, at either rewrite@shaw.ca or jimt@quixotic.ca, or both, and I will send you the attachment directly.
                The file is in Microsoft Word docx format. I can also provide it in the older doc format, or in Open Office odt format if you prefer. Because it is in a word-processing format, you can add your own “To” addresses if you want.
                Gord Lugrin has a master list of potential donors. You can check it to see if there are any companies or individuals where you have a personal contact.
                If you do send out letters, please let Gord know, so that he can check off the master list with your name, to avoid having companies and businesses badgered by multiple solicitation letters. And please note that all donations must be received by April 1.f

3. Ethiopia project

                On Thursday morning Gord Lugrin showed a DVD about the project started in Ethiopia by our 2011-2012 Exchange Student Thomas Scheuba.
                The DVD identified some of the reasons why Ethiopia needs our help. Among other things, it is the only predominantly Christian country in north Africa, entirely surrounded by Islamic nations. The present population, around 100 million people, is tripling every 30 years – by 2045 it will be 300 million. In very rough figures, about 80% of that population has no safe drinking water, no latrines or other sanitation, no nearby firewood, no electricity so that people can read and study in the evenings, etc.
                Thomas is trying organize an integrated system that will address all of these interlocking needs and concerns. Our Rotary club has budgeted $2000 to support Thomas – and because he will be there, on the ground, we can be sure that the money will go to the purposes we choose. We can, in fact, designate money for specifics, such as tree planting, solar panels, etc. Gord has the list of possible expenses.

4. Don’t get envious, now

                Mary Docherty sent along the attached picture of herself at a Rotary Logo in the sun.