Hidden details in Food Bank handover

If you weren’t standing close by, you might have missed one of the unforgettable moments connected to the handing over of the new Food Bank building.
                It started when the ceremony, originally scheduled for December 23 as a Christmas present for Food Bank founder Phyllis MacPherson, had to be abruptly postponed when Phyllis died four nights before.
                “How about January 6th?” someone suggested.
                “Over lunch? In the afternoon?” someone else asked.
                Just like that, the decision was made.
                From that moment on, life felt like paddling a canoe at the top of a waterfall, trying not to get swept over the brink. Over 200 donors to invite by phone. Caterers to call. Sandwiches to make. Dignitaries to contact. Media to co-ordinate.
                As the river rushed faster toward the falls, previously unidentified needs emerged. A PA system. A guest book. A slide show of construction progress.
                Even then, crucial details got overlooked. Mayor James Baker and club president Monika Jatel prepared to hand over the keys to the new building to representatives of the Food Bank.
                Oops. Keys? What keys? Where?
                With great presence of mind, provincial MLA Norm Letnick slipped his car keys into Monika’s hand. Monika passed them along without losing a beat. Without blinking, the two Food Bank representatives graciously accepted symbolic ownership of Norm’s Smart Car – a space even smaller than what they currently work out of!
                Everyone applauded.

New Lake Country initiatives

                Ryan Donn, the new Cultural Development person for the District of Lake Country, talked to us last Thursday morning. “Culture is not something we receive from someone else,” he said. “It’s something we do together.”
                Although he is replacing Horst Jassman as coordinator for the Creekside Theatre and Community Complex, his job is bigger than theatre performances. He wants to involve the whole community in events like a Children’s Festival this spring, with over 1000 children taking part. That’s one of his first goals. He’s planning other events 18 months ahead, so as to coordinate all groups. “The only people who have done that, so far,” he said, “are ArtWalk.”
                He will include in his planning process Rotary’s role in Canada Day celebrations, July 1, and our annual fund-raiser, the Sip Sample and Savour event this spring.

Other opportunities

  • January 23, a “Travel Night” social, at Holiday Park Resort in the Sweetlife Building. Maargaret Brown will show pix and talk about China; Judy Hodson will do the same for the Narrow Boats of England that wander through the countryside on a network of rivers and canals. Time: 7 pm to 9-9:30 p.m. Snacks provided, but BYOB.
  • The next day, January 24, the Rotary Club of Kamloops hosts their annual “Curling Fun-Spiel” at the Kamloops Curling Club, 700 Victoria Street, Kamloops. This is not intended as a fund raiser, however any surplus will be donated to our local food bank.  Registration 8:30 a.m., on the ice by 9:15 a.m., no host Bar opens 11:00 a.m., off the ice by 2:30 pm.(The lounge will be open after our event for convenience & Fellowship.) Entrance fee $25.00 per person, includes lunch and tea or coffee. All participants will be matched to a team, if they come as singles.