Food Bank building nearing completion

                Lake Country's new home for the Food Bank is nearing completion. The sub-trades have install heating and air-conditioning, plumbing, and electrical services. The underground connections to B.C. Hydro and to the municipal sewer will come soon.
                As things stand at present, the building will be complete by Christmas – slightly behind initial plans, but still more or less on schedule, and on budget. Plans are underway for a ceremony to hand over the keys to the Food Bank shortly before Christmas. However, the Food Bank will not move in until the new year.
                Most of the year, the Food Bank serves 600 or so customers a month. During the Christmas season, that number may rise to 1000. To shut down the present facilities, move all the supplies into the new building, on top of dealing with Christmas hampers and the additional demand, would be too much for the Food Bank’s 60 or so volunteers.
                So the move will wait until early 2016.
                In the meantime, project manager Tom Roth is looking for help.
                On Saturday, November 21, he will need an all-day work party to install sub-flooring, and perhaps some of the wall surfaces. The warehouse space will be OSB panelling, the office and service facilities will be drywalled. Tom will provide much of the equipment needed; if you have your own equipment that could prove useful, contact Tom at a meeting, or by calling 250-470-8019.
                Tom also needs a couple of helpers available on call for jobs that require a little more skill and competence than driving screws. Again, contact Tom to offer your services.

Culmination of four years’ effort

                For the past four years, fund-raising and publicity for the Food Bank project has dominated our club’s agenda. Over that time, the 23-member club has raised approximately half a million dollars in donations of cash, materials, and services -- including winning the top national prize of $100,000 in the Aviva Insurance Community Fund competition last winter.
                Once the Food Bank building is finished, the club will be looking for new projects that can make it better known throughout Lake Country.
                A last week’s meeting, Judy Guido divided members into three groups to consider
a) present activities that we could do better, to improve Rotary’s image in the community
b) key messages that we needed to present to the community
c) a draft statement of our priorities and programs.
The proposals developed in small groups will be further researched and developed.

Neither male nor female

                About 20 percent of the members of the Lake Country Rotary Club apparently have no gender!
                One way of improving the club’s communication, both with its members and with the community, is to make better use of the technical services available through the Clubrunner program. At the meeting October 29, secretary Dave Colquhoun asked members to update their profiles, noting that several members had failed to indicate even whether they were male or female.
                Part of the process involves making the club's web page more appealing, with a greater variety of information available to non-member visitors.