Three weeks of news

MLA Norm Letnick is always an interesting speaker. On Thursday October 15, he talked informally about his efforts to bring the Highway 97 bypass to completion, about being a new grandfather, about working with cabinet colleagues who don't always see things his way, about his work as Minister of Agriculture...
                In the near future, Norm assured us, there will be improvements to the intersection of the new highway section with Pelmewash Parkway. Also, Highway 97 will be six-laned from Highway 33 in Kelowna to Edwards Road, just north of Sexsmith, with a completely redesigned intersection at Rutland Road.
Catching up on past news, Bob Rymarchuk announced that the Food Bank's building fund had received an unexpected donation of $10,000 from Valley First Credit Union, and a $4,600 donation from the car show. "We're almost there," Bob said.
                He can't put a final figure to the completion costs, because some estimates are coming in a little lower than expected, others a little higher. But on the whole, we're on track for completion in November.
On Thursday October 8, treasurer Ken Guido led us through the club budget for the coming year.
                Very loosely, we're expecting to receive about $36,000 from Gaming Funds, which we will dispense in 14 donations to worthy local organizations. The largest sum currently is designated for WALC, the organization that builds hiking, biking, and walking trails throughout Lake Country.
                Some new organizations recommended to the club for donation are Camp Arrowflight (a Boys & Girls Club project); Project Literacy; the B.C, Schizophrenia Society; and Adventures in Tourism.
                Our own fund-raising efforts netted about $1800 from ArtWalk, which is a little more than we netted last year -- $1600. We also received about $1800 as donated food, bringing this year’s total profit to around $3600. Also, this year for the first time, we have a detailed breakdown on which foodstuffs brought in how much money, thanks to the Dewonck's passion for data.
And going back still farther, on October 1 Mayor James Baker gave us the inside scoop on the city's negotiations with the province on transferring Pelmewash Parkway over to the District of Lake Country. And the latest on negotiations with Canadian National Railways over the transfer of the rail line.
                At that point, the former professor of anthropology took over from the mayor, and we got far more information than we expected about how the "indian" people got moved, and moved again, and granted a lease on the Commonage lands, and had an easement imposed on their lease so that CN could build the rail line...
                Unfortunately, I couldn't take notes fast enough to get it all down.

Coming events

  • Wine and cheese night, Saturday October 23, at the meeting room in Margaret Brown's townhouse complex, 11290 Bond Road.
  • Christmas party on Friday December 5, 5:00 p.m. at our regular meeting room in Holiday Park. A sign-up sheet for Potluck contributions will be going around.
  • Because both Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve fall on Thursdays this year, the Executive propose that we have no official meetings those two weeks, but offer a casual breakfast for those who want to get together, at the Country Kitchen Store directly below our usual meeting room.
  • We need volunteers to sit on the Fund-Raising Committee, to help coordinate our events.
  • We also need a volunteer to lay a wreath on behalf of Rotary at the Remembrance Day memorial service, Nov. 11.