Rotary bulletin Sept. 7, 2015

Food Bank building now insulated

                A work party Saturday morning September 5 got all the exterior walls of the new Food Bank building insulated. About 16 people showed up for the work party – 11 Rotary members and five friends. Tom Roth spent most of the morning on top of a scaffold, insulating the upper reaches of walls that go up, in some places, 14 feet. Towards the end of the work party, he was joined by Bernard Dewonck. Oxygen was not needed, but most workers wore masks to protect against inhaling fiberglass fibres.
                Even the north-facing wall of the ground floor, which is not part of the Food Bank operation, got completed.
                Coffee on arrival, hot dogs at lunch, and a general mood of conviviality kept the work moving along steadily, in good humour and harmony.

Not your ideal vacation spot

                Haiti has its exclusive all-inclusive vacation resorts, but if you leave their fenced-in environs, the rest of Haiti is not a pretty place to visit, according to Bob Charron, who has been there twice on RCMP missions. Speaking to the club on Thursday morning September 3, Bob traced a history of violence and colonialism that has rendered the nation almost helpless to improve itself.
                Since Columbus discovered the island in 1492, there has been only one brief outbreak of democracy. In a mere 55 years, the Spanish rulers wiped out the nation’s entire native population, and imported African slaves. When the slaves revolted – the first such revolution in the Americas – their own tyrants treated the people just as badly.
                As a measure of the island’s poverty, said Bob, the average Haitian family expects to have 12 children, of whom just two will survive to the age of 18. Haiti has the highest infant mortality rate in the world.
                Even so, the RCMP efforts to train local police and change the social climate had some results. When his group arrived, Bob reported, the area they were policing had 54 murders or violent deaths a day. By the time they left, they had that toll down to three a month.

Other notes

  • Margaret Brown won a free table at Health & Wellness Fair for the club to promote its programs and projects. The fair runs from 10-3 on October 3rd.
  • Everyone is needed to make a public presence on Friday Sept. 11 at noon when Aviva Canada kicks off its fall Community Fund campaign. Aviva has chosen our Food Bank as its flagship example of what can be done, and will make a video that will be seen all across Canada The Club trailer will be on site serving hot dogs & drinks. Please come out and be part of an enthusiastic crowd.
  • District Governor Greg Luring will be visiting the club this coming Thursday morning, Sept. 10th, and will meet with the club executive Wednesday evening.
  • Roger Brett was thanked for making a$1000 donation to theFood Bank Building Fund during last week’s meeting