Posted by Dave Colquhoun on Jun 25, 2019
‘Making it work, takes a little longer.  Making it work, takes a little time’
With apologies to Doug and the Slugs, these song lyrics seem appropriate to describe the flurry of Club activities that have taken place in the past two weeks.
On June 15, volunteers from Rotary and Walk Around Lake Country (WALC) got together to remove a nasty barbed wire fence barrier on public property, between Peter Grier Elementary and the Okanagan Rail Trail.  The removal of this barrier will enable WALC to improve the trail connection between the school and the rail trail and construct a new outdoor classroom area, using funds raised by Rotary and WALC.
The next morning (Father’s Day) a group of ‘Rotary dads’ and friends gathered at the Okanagan Centre Community Hall to begin installing painted wood panels on the walls of the basement store room.  The project is proceeding smoothly under the direction of the project leader, Sandy, who kept the volunteers well fed and hydrated with some local craft beer.   One more work session will be required to complete the project and then, Okanagan Centre Hall volunteers will have a much cleaner and brighter space to store their valuables.
Fast forward to June 23, and Rotarians were at work again serving hot dogs at the Pelmawash Parkway Opening Ceremony.  It was very gratifying to celebrate the opening of the first phase of this beautiful and well used recreation corridor. The donations received from our food service will be used to help fund a new fishing pier and kayak launch, adjacent to the dog park and large vehicle pull-out space on the parkway, in partnership with the District of Lake Country. 
The Club will be undertaking other fundraisers in the next year and seeking other funding partners to support construction of the pier project.
If you would like to learn more about the proposed fishing pier and kayak launch, please plan on attending our July 4th breakfast meeting as Greg Buchholz, Manager of Infrastructure Services, District of Lake Country, will be our guest speaker. 😊