Posted by Tom Roth on Aug 24, 2017
“Spread your tiny wings and fly away…” Anne Murray
“When heading down south, cross all your t’s and dot your i ‘s!” .... Wendy Caban   (ok… so I’m paraphrasing a bit here!)
Thank you to our very own Club member, Wendy Caban, for the very informative talk  on the Canadian Snowbird Association (CSA).
If you are heading to the States, for a bit, or up to your allowed 182 days each year, it sounds very beneficial to join the CSA for a measly $25.00 per family, per year.  You could probably recoup your investment by taking advantage of the Snowbird Currency Exchange Program, with preferred exchange rates and LOW or NO transfer fees for moving funds from your Canadian to US bank accounts.
There are many other benefits too:  CSA Auto club, Auto/ home insurance, personal accident insurance, CSA magazine, travellers report card, travellers check list, travel info guide, to name a few.
The Medipac Travel Insurance sounds like a top-notch travel insurance plan. And if you need a bit of legal advice, CSA also provides members with a free referral service to call for advice.
We also learned that Canadian residents who winter in the U.S. are technically subject to U.S. income tax if they exceed a specific number of days (based on a calculation on the form 8840) in the U.S. in any one year.  To avoid U.S. taxation, IRS form 8840 (Closer Connection Exemption Statement for Aliens) needs to be filed annually with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.
 We also learned about “hot zones” today, so here is a pop quiz:, What is a hot zone?
A.     A hot strip, 100 miles wide along the equator?
B.     A guide to all of the ‘red light districts’, around the world?
C.      A band running 100 km on both sides of the border, where the criminal element is keeping an eye on your vehicle for smuggling purposes, prior to crossing the border?
Only the facts have been changed, so if you want more information, you could take Wendy out for a coffee, or you could go to the Canadian Snowbird (not Snow Board) Association at
 Thanks Wendy,
(Hope to see all your smiling faces on October 5.
Take care….
A Reminder:
Our next Club social event is this Saturday (August 26), at 6:40 p.m., at Swalwell Park, featuring a live performance by Jenn Boal and the J.S. Garcia Band.  Invite a friend, bring a lawn chair and a snack that you can share with the group and enjoy a free concert in the park.