Posted by Judy Guido on Apr 30, 2021
We were honored this week to have Randy Attwood, President of the Royal Astronomical Society, as our guest speaker.
Randy has been interested in astronomy and space exploration for over 50 years. He has travelled the world to observe 12 total solar eclipses. During the space shuttle program, he witnessed twelve launches from Florida and one landing in New Mexico. He recently retired as the Executive Director of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. In 2012, Asteroid 250235 was named Asteroid Attwood in recognition of his contributions to Astronomy Education and Public Outreach.
Randy explained that Solar eclipses occur when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, leaving a moving region of shadow on Earth's surface.  Solar eclipses may be classified as either total, in which the Moon completely covers the Sun, or annular, in which the Moon obscures all but an outer ring of the Sun.
He let us know that over the next three years, Canadians will be able to observe three solar eclipses. Annular eclipses in 2021 and 2023 will be followed by a total solar eclipse in 2024, which will pass over the most populated area of the country.
He reminded us not to look at the sun directly but to use filters when looking at sun. If you look at the sun without protection you could damage your eyes. The Retina has no nerves, so you will not feel the heat.
Bits and Pieces
Jim Taylor reported that sunshine was about the Sigal’s. Felena has a birthday coming up next week and a wedding anniversary the following week.
Happy Sad
We were sad to hear of the passing of Monika’s grandmother. She died of COVID while in hospital in Abbotsford. We offer our love and condolences and to Monika and her family.
Rich was happy that his son is home and safe after a crash on his mountain bike that resulted in a pierced lung. He is sore but recovering.
Rich was also happy for the Rotarians who were out to picking up trash on the weekend. Lots of trash was found including a new spare tire.
Margaret reported being happy that she enrolled in a Thai cooking class online on Monday night and the resulting meal, cooked at home, was delicious.
Brenda Dewonck had an advertising dollar and reported an abundance of Rhubarb. Call her if you want some.
Sherriff Rich Gibbons had some earned lots of fines from the club members who failed to be up on some Rotary trivia. Did you know:
  • The first Rotary club to be organized outside an English-speaking country was established in Havana, Cuba, April 29, 1916, with 22 charter members making Rotary officially bilingual.
  • Rotary crossed the Atlantic to establish clubs in England, Ireland, and Northern Ireland. The National Association of Rotary Clubs, which became the International Association of Rotary Clubs in 1912, adopted the name Rotary International (RI) in 1922.
  • 1957 is when Paul Harris fellowships were instituted. Thank heavens they have not kept up with inflation. Otherwise, we would be paying $12,500 for a Paul Harris today.
  • Frank Gorman may have taken the Rotary Banner to space, but he was not the first. In 1932, Professor Auguste Piccard was presented a flag by the Rotary Club of Zurich, Switzerland, and he carried it on his balloon ascent 55,777 feet into the stratosphere.
  • The members chose the name Rotary because initially they rotated subsequent weekly club meetings to each other's offices7: 55Reports:
  • Club will be meeting at 7am going forward.
  • Lobster Crawl II has been rescheduled, it will now be held on Friday, July 9 at Beasley Park. Promotion will be rolling out soon.
  • Options for Canada Day; the plan is to move it beyond July 1 and looking at an alternate celebration on BC day, August 2. The District of Lake Country has offered a grant $4000 to help us finance the event. The plan is to keep is simple, and low key.
  • The Day Trippers concert is still planned for October 16, 2021.
  • Saturday, May 1, 2021 Club Spring Training. Three breakouts at 9: am, 10am and 11 am, with 11 topics. Save this date.
  • May 12, 2021, In lieu of our Conference there will be Zone wide Coast to Coast Variety show. The price will be $US110 with $100 being tax receiptable. This will be entertaining and a way to boost the Foundation’s donations. Keep the date…. more to come.