Posted by Jim Taylor on Jun 10, 2017


On Thursday morning, June 8, exchange student Eeva Hemming gave us her second, or maybe third, presentation – this time on what she has learned from her year in Canada. Her learnings could provide the club with a “Thought For the Day” for several months:

·         It doesn’t have to be perfect – even an outdoor movie that gets rained on can be fun.

·         People want to be friends; you don’t have to be scared of new contacts.

·         If you’re nice to people, they let you do things.

·         Volunteering introduces you to new people and new experiences.

·         Enjoy the moment, especially if it’s something you can do with other people (yes, even a polar-bear dip on New Year’s day!)

·         When you’re feeling down, distract yourself. Do something worthwhile. (After her best friend in Finland was killed in a skiing accident)

·         Say “Yes” and be grateful for the opportunities that come your way.

·         It doesn’t matter where you’re from, people are all the same. They may think differently, have different values, and different histories, but they are all the same.

Eeva’s final summation: I’ve learned to be more confident. People sometimes say “I’m just one person; I can’t do anything.” It’s not true. You can always try. I’m grateful to Rotary for giving me this opportunity to learn.


Canada Day preparations

                During the time following Eeva’s presentation, the club went over plans for Canada Day. The work will start Friday evening, with set up of tents and facilities. It will last all day Saturday, and everything has to be taken down again Saturday night, because another group has contracted for the use of the park on Sunday morning.

                Brenda cracked the whip: “No one can leave until you’ve signed up for at least two shifts on the weekend!”

                Much of the discussion centred on parking. The parking lot at Swallwell Park will be available only for vendors, organizers, and disabled persons. Others will have to park at GESS, the municipal offices, the Memorial Hall, the Curling Club/Seniors’ Centre area. The Community Policing group will have vests and two-way radios, but it will be important to direct people to places where they can find parking, so that they don’t give up in despair and go home. There will be a shuttle bus between the various parking lots and Swallwell Park.

                The District of Lake Country is providing two more bands for the afternoon entertainment.