Chartered March 29, 1996

Marsel Ahmadzadegan
Dwayne Armeneau
Norm Bradley
Margaret Brown
Debbie deWeerd
Angela Gibson
Ken Guido
Linda Hamilton
Debra Harding
Judy Hodson
Jerry Lay
Bob McCoubrey
Holly McNeil
John Madsen
Alan Marshall
Carl Marshall
Audrey Martin
Martin Metcalfe
Jeff Oland
Bruce Page
Herb Penstock
Lorrel Peterson
Diane Roworth
Bob Rymarchuk
Don Scott
Cliff Sewell
Dan Sigal
Atie Vanderwerf
Bob White
Joy Winterlik
Deb Zokol

*Special mention:  Robert Adria who, when asked who sponsored him into Rotary, explained that: "I attended meetings prior to the chartering of the club (and) provided gifts for the silent auction at the charter night dinner. Everyone else became charter members, and I became the first new member one week after the charter night without a sponsor. So like Christ, who was born to the virgin Mary, I became a Rotarian without a sponsor. Perhaps the comparison is not fully appropriate but my point remains the same --- nobody!"