Chartered in January 1996, the Rotary Club of Lake Country maintains a gender mix of about half male and half female for a total of 22 active members.
Our logo is the flock of geese whose 'V' flying formation signifies the ultimate in teamwork and cooperation. (We also have a barrel of fun!)
Lake Country is known in our Rotary District for high spirits and hard work.  Over our 22-year history, we have helped support many significant local and international projects:
Community Projects:
  • Lake Country Food Bank permanent home.
  • Annual Canada Day celebrations.
  • Blood Donor Clinics.
  • Youth Hockey and Soccer programs.
  • Bursaries for graduating GESS students.
  • Beasley Park improvements.
  • Local recreation trail construction.
  • Winfield Community Garden.
  • Community Hall Upgrades.
  • Dry Grad party for GESS students.
  • Summer Arts Program for youth.
International Projects
  • Polio eradication (Polio Plus).
  • International Student Exchange Program.
  • New water cisterns in Ethiopia.
  • Support for families in Honduras.
  • Micro-credit programs for small start-up businesses.