Posted by Maria Hudolin on Apr 15, 2021
The proposed Rotary Peace Pole Park in Kelowna will be a Beacon of Light for all – a place to retreat and reflect, take time from our daily challenges and life’s struggles, meditate alone or experience time with a friend or loved one. There will be four to six languages on the pole with the message “May Peace Prevail On Earth”.
A group of Kelowna area Rotarians, led by Lockie Bracken and Jack DeGruchy, applied to build a Peace Park with a Peace Pole in March 2020. City Parks recommended Knowles Park on Bernard Ave. rather than the proposed Bluebird Park on Lakeshore Drive. City Parks also requested a substantial beacon with lights as an attraction and prepared a plan for Knowles Park with the final location still under discussion. The RC Kelowna Capri formed a Peace Park Committee which meets every Wednesday to discuss the progress of the project with City Parks and is now looking for support on this project from all Rotary clubs in the Central Okanagan.
The total cost of this project is expected to exceed $200,000 and funding sources include: Rotary grants, corporate and club donations, possible sponsorships, the sale of 12” wooden peace poles ($20 each) available from the committee. Other ways clubs can help with this project and promoting world peace: install a peace pole in a school or community yard; join RAGfp Rotary Action Group for Peace; become a peace builder club; teach POSITIVE PEACE in our club and in our schools; form a Zone Peace committee; check out Mediators Beyond Borders World Peace
A big thank you to Lockie and Jack for taking this project on and promoting peace and positive relations within the Central Okanagan.
It’s Tax Day in the USA – some amazing US TAX TRIVIA by Monika
  • Tax services in the USA amount to $11 billion which is the same amount spent on toilet paper in 2020 by US households! Is there a connection???
  • The state of Delaware seems to be the top state for US tax loopholes. 63% of all Fortune 500 companies are incorporated here which results in 9.5B in lost tax revenues for the other 49 states. It takes less than an hour to incorporate a company!
  • The USA is rated as #2 (behind Cayman Islands) as a tax haven.
PDG Peter Schultz attended our meeting this morning and brought us news from our district D5060:
D5060 SPRING TRAINING EVENT – sharing our best practices for all that’s Rotary! Plan to attend whether you are a longtime or newer club member. To register and view the various breakout sessions for SAT. MAY 1ST (9am – noon) Visit:
Tickets are $110 usd and you will receive a $100 usd tax receipt from TRF. Lots of fabulous entertainment and Rotary celebrities! The need has never been greater - the number of requests for Rotary Foundation grants has doubled.  Visit
Get out there and enjoy our lovely spring weather and sunshine and remember to smile behind that mask!