Posted by Monika Speitelsbach on Jul 10, 2020
A global pandemic doesn't stop the fact that there are women & children in need, and it doesn't stop Mandy Hicks from the Rotary Club of Kelowna Ogopogo 2015 from continuing her work.
Our Zoom meeting today highlighted the success of the Early Stimulation Program in La Cuesta, Honduras and the future need. The program in La Cuesta is now considered sustaining. A new global grant for Comayagua (1.5 hours northwest of Tegucigalpa) is being proposed. Government of Canada matching funds may no longer be available so every donation counts.
Early Stimulation Program
Mothers/care givers are trained in the areas of:
✅ nutrition
✅ reproductive health
✅ paternal responsibility
✅ disease prevention
✅ child growth development
The program also provides:
✅ medical examinations
✅ assessments for health & developmental status
✅ nutritional supplementation & deworming
You can find more information at: or by contacting our club.