Putting the FUN in fundraising since March 1996!

Our logo is the flock of geese whose 'V' flying formation signifies the ultimate in teamwork and cooperation. We also have a whole lot of fun!

...a lesson in cooperation from a flock of geese. In the Okanagan Valley we see geese flying in a "V" formation. Through scientific study we know that when each bird flaps its wings, it creates an uplift for the bird immediately following. By flying in "V" formation, the whole flock benefits from greater flying power than if each bird flew on its own. Whenever a goose falls out of formation, it immediately feels the drag and resistance of trying to go it alone. Through teamwork they feel the advantage of the lifting power of the bird immediately in front. When the leader gets tired, they rotate to the back of the "V" and another goose flies point. The geese honk loudly encouraging each other to keep up the pace. Much like a Rotary club!

Lake Country is known as “the little club that can”, thanks to our members’ commitment and hard work - we continue to punch above our weight class.

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A history of service

Our club has a rich history of service over the past 26+ years. Some of the projects we’re know for include:

Community Projects:

  • Pelmewash pier (upcoming project)
  • Lake Country Food Bank - permanent home
  • Food Bank/Save On Foods/Rotary card program
  • Canada Day in Lake Country
  • Blood donor clinics
  • $30,000 annually to local community groups
  • Youth hockey & soccer programs
  • Bursaries for GESS, Okanagan College trades & UBCO grads
  • Beasley Park improvements
  • RYLA: Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
  • Summer arts program for youth (SASFY)
  • Local recreation trail construction & maintenance
  • Winfield community garden
  • Community hall upgrades
  • Dry Grad party for GESS students
  • Community clean up
  • Mini libraries
  • Okanagan Centre Museum Annex project

International Projects

  • Polio eradication (Polio Plus)
  • International youth exchange program
  • ShelterBox disaster aid
  • Water cisterns - Ethiopia
  • Early childhood education – Honduras
  • Economic development - Honduras
  • Literacy programs – Guatemala
  • Washroom facilities - Ghana (upcoming)
  • Micro-credit programs

Join us

Join us for fellowship and fun and help advance our local and international projects.

Meeting Dates & Locations:

Weekly - Thursdays at 7 am

We are meeting hybrid (option of in person and on Zoom) and via Zoom for the foreseeable future. https://us06web.zoom.us/j/8352...

Please email membership@lakecountryrotary.ca for the meeting password

Storage Clean up 2 May 22

Key Fundraisers

  • Lobster Crawl fundraiser - October 13th, 2023
  • Save On Foods/Rotary food cards supporting the Food Bank - ongoing
  • Puzzle fundraiser - available now
  • Raffle tickets - coming in the fall
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Leadership 2023/34

  • President – Maria Hudolin
  • Past president – Kathryn Battrum
  • President elect – Monika Speitelsbach
  • Treasurer – Nancy Adams (bookkeeper Jean-Marc Lacasse)
  • Secretary – Sandra
  • Community Service – Carol
  • Rotary Foundation – Margaret Brown
  • New Generations (Youth Service) – Patty Garrett
  • Membership – Carol
  • International Service – Jim Bogardis
  • Public Image & Marketing – Kayla Caruana
  • Gaming Grants – Ken Guido
  • Scholarships – Patty

Meet Our Members

“What I have loved about being a Rotarian for the past 24 years is being able to travel to most places in the world, walking into a Rotary meeting or event and instantly making new friends and acquaintances! Jack and I moved to Lake Country right before Covid hit and our Rotary involvement provided us with an easy opportunity to meet some people and get involved in our new community. One of the highlights of my Rotary life is participating in Polio Immunization together in rural India and building an addition to a school in coastal Guatemala. Rotarians truly are People of Action!”

Since moving to the Okanagan, I wanted to meet more people, have interesting activities, and give back to the community. I was telling this to a lady I was doing business with (while actually just the community bit) and she asked if I had ever considered Rotary. It was just what I wanted. I’m having a hoot working on some community structures, doing Lobster Crawls, coffee meet ups with fellow Rotarians, and any assortment of things to do. Living in the Okanagan is great, being with these people makes it marvelous!

Membership Contact Email

Maria Hudolin membership@lakecountryrotary.ca

For Save On Foods/Rotary cards: Ken Guido cards@lakecountryrotary.ca